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2022 Co-op DRT 1.1 Review

2022 Co-op DRT 1.1 review

Not much changes from year to year on the DRT 1.1 hardtail mountain bike model by Co-op. This 2022 Co-op DRT 1.1 review covers the the drivetrain, fork, groupset, and even more specs.

You will also see the differences between all the DRT models. Co-op makes bikes like the DRT 1.1 for beginners, all the way up to high-end full-suspension bikes for expert riders. If you haven’t heard of Co op, y. u probably aren’t shopping at REI. Co-op is the house brand of bikes from REI, which means they are exclusively sold there.

Co op DRT 1.1 Specs

You get a 3×7 drivetrain on the 2022 Co-op DRT 1.1. It offers plenty of range, but there is a lot of crossover between gears. It’s surprising Co-op didn’t change to a 2×8 or 2×9 drivetrain to simplify things for mountain bikers.

The groupset is entry level Shimano Tourney components. Tourney is reliable, but not as stiff as other groups like Acera and Deore. If you are not a home bike mechanic, REI includes a free year of tunes. In other words, when the derailleur bends and doesn’t shift properly, REI will fix it for free the first year of ownership.

All XC mountain bikes need hydraulic disc brakes. The DRT 1.1 includes Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and they work great, especially when compared to old rim brake setups. This is the component bike riders will appreciate the most on this bike.

Finally, the fork is an SR Suntour with 100mm travel. It is a better fork than you will find on most bikes from a big retailer, but it is great to start out on to determine if mountain biking is a fit for you.

Co op DRT 1.1 Problems

Overall, the 2022 Co-op DRT 1.1 is a reliable and fun cross country hardtail mountain bike. It has been a great to develop skills on thanks to the 27.5 inch wheels reducing the weight on a heavy bike. Weight problems are resolved by a changing the drivetrain. A 1x or 2x drivetrain costs only a fraction more, but reduces weight and keeps the bikes components relevant with what’s hot in the current MTB market.

With the 3×7 drivetrain you are going to get chain slip. That’s when your bike is changing gears, but you aren’t shifting. At some point no bike mechanic can adjust an outdated drivetrain back into compliance. One easy fix you don’t need a bike mechanic for is adding a chain guide and tensioner, like this one on Amazon.

co op drt 1.1 problems
Chain Guide and Tensioner

Another area of concern with this bike is the outdated design. The bike looks as heavy as it is, and with entry level components the $599 price tag makes this bike a hard pass in 2022. Before supply chain issues you could get the DRT 1.1 for under $500. Now the price is higher, the bike hasn’t changed at all, and the components are barely better than a bike from a big box retailer. There are definitely better bikes out there in this price range. (Read: Trek Marlin 6 Review).

All Co op DRT Mountain Bikes

There are plenty of options for every riding level with the Co-op DRT. They offer seven different options ranging from entry level hardtail, to full suspension trail bike. Here is a quick breakdown of all seven DRT mountain bike models in 2022:

Co op DRT 1.1 ($599)

As was mentioned earlier in this 2022 Co-op DRT 1.1 review, this bike is a pass this year. While the competition has been making changes and upgrades, Co-op elected to leave the DRT 1.1 alone, making it an outdated and overpriced bike.

Co op DRT 1.2 ($999)

For an extra $300 you get some big upgrades. First, the suspension travel increases to 120mm of travel. While still a hardtail, this change alone moves from cross country to a trail capable mountain bike. The drivetrain is also simplified with a 2×9 setup and Shimano Altus derailleurs. There is no clutch to keep tension on the chain, so a chain guide is still a good idea.

Co op DRT 4.1 Fat Tire ($1,499)

The 26 x 4.8 inch wheel set will run over anything. It gets a SRAM Eagle drivetrain and front and rear thru axles. With the massive tires the need for suspension goes out the door. This is a well priced bike for fat tire enthusiasts. Fat tire bikes are an awesome change of pace on the trails, and the DRT 4.1 packs incredible value into the price.

Co op DRT 2.1 ($1,599)

The expectations are high on any bike with a price tag over $1,500. This is another bike Co op failed to deliver on for 2022. It comes with 27.5 x 2.8 inch tires that remind me of a Trek Roscoe 6. (Read: Trek Roscoe 6 Review). It comes with SRAM Eagle SX, but for a lower-end groupset I give the edge to Shimano Deore for this price point.

In fact, the only advantage the DRT 2.1 has over a bike like the Trek Roscoe is that it’s equipped with an air fork. The Suntour SR AIR-Boost is outstanding compared to SR Suntour coil forks. With tubeless compatible wheels the DRT 2.1 is a decent bike, but there are better value bikes available.

Co op DRT 2.2 ($1,899)

The Co op DRT 2.2 is the highest priced hardtail from the DRT lineup. The price jump is due to the upgrade from SRAM Eagle SX to NX. With that you get a 1×12 drivetrain with 500% range in the rear cassette. You also get a major upgrade to the fork, moving from SR Suntour to a Rockshox Recon RL with 140mm of travel.

The DRT 2.2 is the most trail capable bike of all the hardtail bikes in the DRT series. It is a great value when compared to high end hardtail bikes from other brands, too.

Co op DRT 3.1 ($2,399)

The Co op DRT 3.1 is the only full-suspension offering in the DRT series of mountain bikes from Co op. They nailed it with their only full suspension bike.

The DRT 3.1 is equipped with Shimano Deore for the groupset, and a 1×12 drivetrain. It has a clutch built into the rear derailleur. The clutch eliminates unwanted chain movement, and reduces gear slipping.

The front fork suspension has 140mm of travel for frame sizes medium and up, as well as 130mm of travel in the rear. (Small and Extra Small models come with 120mm of travel both front and rear). The Air-sprung RockShox Recon Gold RL front fork is durable and reliable.

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