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2022 Trek Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap Review

2022 Trek Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap Review

This 2022 Trek Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap review covers the bike’s key features like weight and IsoSpeed. It also dives into the details on drivetrain and groupset.

Pricing on the 2022 Trek Checkpoint SLR eTap comes in at $7,799. This bike is made for gravel racers that take cycling seriously. It’s the perfect bike for an amateur racer looking for an edge over the competition.

The SLR 6 eTap has a carbon fiber frame and electronic wireless shifting. The bike weighs in at 19.16 lbs. Any gravel bike with a weight under 20 lbs. should be considered a Super Bike, and the SLR 6 eTap is no exception.

Trek Checkpoint SLR 6 Drivetrain

The drivetrain on the SLR 6 is a 1×12 setup. The 10-44 cassette gives you plenty of high and low end range. The cassette is not universal with other bikes. SRAM’s 12 speed cassettes require the SRAM XD-R driver to fit your rear wheel.

The 1×12 comes with a 40T chainring on the crank. Crank arms are power meters with lengths ranging from 165mm to 175mm depending on frame size.

In addition, the SRAM DUB, T47 threaded, internal bearing bottom bracket is an easy part to find. It’s great to no longer see proprietary bottom brackets from Trek. For example, the BB90.

It’s worth noting, the rear derailleur allows for a maximum 44T cog on the cassette. That’s a 440% range increase over past generations.

Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap Groupset

SRAM Rival is the groupset that comes on the 2022 Trek Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap. It’s a step backwards when compared to the SL 7 equipped with SRAM Force. That doesn’t stop this bike from coming in well under the 20 lbs. mark.

SRAM Rival eTap AXS weighs approximately 200 grams more than SRAM Force. It is my opinion, but a bike that costs as much as the average used car shouldn’t have SRAM’s third best groupset on it.

In terms of quality, SRAM Rival eTap AXS will provide reliable precision shifting, but it weighs more than it should for a bike in this price range.

Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap Key Features

Trek IsoSpeed is a decoupler ‘suspension’ for road bikes. It adds weight to the bike, but the comfort gains make it worth its weight. The decoupler between the frame tubes allows your seat tube to flex with the changing conditions of the road. That translates to less vibrations, more comfort and better efficiency on longer rides.

Another key feature on this bike are the integrated mounts and down tube storage. There is no shortage of places to put gear. I put my flat kit in the down tube storage, and my nutrition in my saddle bag.

If you don’t already have a saddle bag, checkout the Topeak Wedge Dry Bag with Fixer Mount. It’s the cleanest mount for a saddle bag I’ve ever seen. (Check Price on Amazon).

Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap Upgrades

This bike comes from the factory with top-of-the-line performance parts from handlebar to cassette. Above all, the electronic wireless shifting and carbon fiber wheels.

However, there are parts that need upgraded when it’s time to r. place them. First, the GR1 Team Issue tires are a supple and rounded tire choice. Gravel trails are filled with flat hazards, and I prefer the durability of a better gravel tire on my bike.

In addition, the handlebar tape is Bontrager Supertack Perf. My bar tape is always opposite my tires, meaning I prefer a supple feel over durability. It’s a lot cheaper replacing handlebar tape than it is replacing tires.

Finally, battery life of SRAM AXS is not as good as Shimano Di2. The Di2 groupset weighs slightly more, but better battery life from SRAM is a great upgrade idea for next year.

In conclusion, the 2022 Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap is an excellent amateur race bike for gravel.

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