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2022 Trek Marlin 6 Review

2022 Trek Marlin 6 Review

In this 2022 Trek Marlin 6 review I’ll explain why this is the best beginner XC mountain bike on the market. When you are cross country riding, or even trail riding, having fast and snappy handling is extremely important. A geometry that supports a good climbing posture and efficient pedaling are also top priorities. The 2022 Trek Marlin 6 has all of the above, and more!

If you are considering the 2022 Trek Marlin 6 as your next mountain bike there are a lot of things you need to know. The features, available upgrades and accessories on the Marlin are great, but don’t forget about maintenance. Take care of your chain and keep the bike clean to ensure a long lifetime. (Read: Bike Chain Lubricant Guide)

2022 Trek Marlin 6 Features

The Blendr Stem on the Marlin 6 ranges in length from 50-90mm depending on frame size. When paired with a 720 mm handlebar you have amazing handling ability at high speeds.

It may be important to some knowing the top tube comes curved on the extra-small and small frame options. It is not enough to make the bike look like a stagger or lowstep (step-through) frame. That curve is great for shorter riders looking for a comfortable stand-over height.

Aesthetically the Trek Marlin 6 looks amazing. It comes in some really cool color options and accessories with colored features really add to the style. I’m partial to the Nautical Navy with Orange accessories, grips and bottle cage.

Commuters will also love the Trek Marlin 6 thanks to several mounts available for accessories like racks and bags. The Shimano drivetrain provides smooth shifting, and the bike can stop on a dime thanks to hydraulic disc brakes.

Must Have Trek Marlin 6 Accessories

I’m a big fan of immediately upgrading the touchpoints on a bike. Those touchpoints are the pedals, saddle and grips. For pedals, the RaceFace Chesters (Check Price on Amazon Here) are popular. Ergon saddles have never let me down, but they might not be the right price point for the average Marlin 6 rider. Head to your local bike shop to see what feels good.

Whether you take a hydration pack with you mountain biking, or not, you need to add a bottle cage to your bike. There will be plenty of bike rides where a hydration pack is too much. It’s also nice to have a water option with some electrolytes in it. Even when I take my Osprey hydration pack, having a water bottle with electrolyte tablets is a must. Putting those things in a hydration pack makes future fill ups taste funny since you can’t clean a hydration pack the way you can a water bottle. Besides, not having a bottle cage on your bike looks ridiculous.

The final must have accessory on a Trek Marlin 6 is a phone or computer mount. For phone mounts, consider the type of cycling you will do. Pick the phone mount that will secure your phone, but not be a distraction on your handlebars. If you really want to look legit, ditch the phone mount and add a GPS computer on an aero stem mount.

Trek Marlin 6 Upgrades

There are several upgrades you can do to enhance your experience on the Trek Marlin 6 as parts begin to wear down. For starters, the SR SUNTOUR fork keeps the price of this bike down, but an upgrade will likely need to take place within the first few years of use. The RockShox Recon RL is a popular choice.

Another upgrade is adding a chain tensioner. While the new 1x drivetrain drops the chain a lot less than Marlin 6 bikes from previous generations, it still isn’t perfect. A chain tensioner will help keep your Trek Marlin 6 shifting like a dream even over rough terrain. The tensioner acts like a clutch similar to what comes in a high end derailleur.

Another part worth upgrading when the time comes is the tires. The XR2 tires that come stock on most Marlins are fine, but I prefer something more aggressive like the Bontrager SE5. Another option is choosing from a wide variety of Maxxis tire options. According to Trek 2.2″ is the maximum tire width the frame can handle.

Trek Marlin 6 Dropper Post

A dropper post is a seatpost that moves up or down. They operate similar to an adjustable height office chair. When descending downhill at high speeds you want your saddle down to prevent the saddle from bucking you over the handlebars. While climbing you want your saddle at the appropriate height to maximize your pedalling efficiency. The Trek Marlin 6 dropper post compatibility is based on your seatpost width.

The 2022 Trek Marlin 6 will need a 31.6 mm dropper post. You can find droppers with travel ranging from 60-150mm. Of all the available upgrades you can do to your mountain bike, adding a dropper post should be priority number one.

If you enjoyed this 2022 Trek Marlin 6 review, please let me know by leaving a comment down below.

8 thoughts on “2022 Trek Marlin 6 Review”

  1. I’m interested in the dropper seat post but from what I understand the dropper seat post cable will flow into the frame up front and come out the bottom of the frame under the crank. Unfortunately the 2019 Marlin bikes had the capability of running the rest of that cable upward from there and maintain the cable inside the frame but the newer Marlins they got rid of that feature. If you make mention of this feature upgrade does that mean you’ve done it and if so how did you do it ?

  2. I’m interested in Trek frame sizes. For instance, if I want a Trek 19.5 frame size, what size should I buy?

  3. Thanks for your reply. Some other people also recommend I buy this one with an “L” Alpha size, which is recommended for people with a height of 5’9.7” to 6′ 2″.

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