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2022 Trek Roscoe 6 Review

2022 trek roscoe 6 review

In this 2022 Trek Roscoe 6 review we will cover dropper posts, Marlin comparisons, tubeless tires and more. First, a quick background on the Roscoe.

Trek came out with their Roscoe for 2018. The bike was, and still is, a trail hardtail bike with 27.5″ plus tires. There have been modifications to the Roscoe each year, but nothing quite as drastic as 2022. These new bikes are considered second generation, with the 2018-2021 years being first generation.

The big changes haven’t trickled down to the Roscoe 6 yet, but Roscoe 7 and up models now have 140mm forks and 29 x 2.6 inch wheels. More slack in the headtube helps with stability on steep descents, while a shorter chain stay makes it easy to whip. They also come with Boost148 giving you wider dropouts.

The Roscoe 6 has Boost141 spacing, 120mm of travel in the front fork. The wheels that came with mine are 27.5 x 2.8 inch Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires, but according to Trek’s website the 2022 Roscoe 6 comes with Kenda Havok tires. With current global supply chain issues being what they are, bikes are getting spec’d with what is available.

With the new Trek Roscoe 6 you will ride farther and have more fun than ever before. Dehydration out on the trails is nothing to joke around about. I always ride with a hydration pack that has a three liter bladder. I’ve been extremely happy with the lifetime warranty on my CamelBak MULE. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here) There have been two times where my pack was damaged during a backslide down a trail. It was a quick and easy exchange in both situations.

Trek Roscoe 6 Dropper Post

The 2022 Trek Roscoe 6 comes with a dropper post. It is thrilling to see a bike at this price point equipped with such a cool feature. For a beginner mountain biker this dropper post will feel amazing compared to the quick release adjustment on other hardtails.

The TranzX dropper post works perfectly fine, but I question its durability long term. It feels rough and chunky compared to the Cannondale DownLow dropper on my full suspension bike. So far my Roscoe 6 has taken some abuse and the dropper post is holding strong, but time will tell.

Trek Roscoe vs Trek Marlin

I don’t like comparing two different bikes in a review, but as a Trek Marlin owner too, the most common question I get is, “How does the Roscoe compare to the Marlin?”

The easiest way to compare the two bikes is to first look at the facts, then the feel. The facts are favorable to the Marlin when you compare the two bikes. The 2022 Trek Roscoe 6 weighs in at 34.9 lbs while the 2022 Trek Marlin 6 weights in at 31.1 lbs. The Marlin’s 29 x 2.2 inch tires are a lot faster than the plus tires on the Roscoe.

The feel of the Trek Marlin 6 is faster and much more playful on smooth trails. It crushes singletrack courses with ease. When the trail gets a little chunky the advantage swings heavily back to the Roscoe. I feel much more comfortable carrying high speeds on the Roscoe, while the Marlin doesn’t give me as much confidence. The lack of a dropper post on the Trek Marlin 6 is also an advantage for the Roscoe.

Both bikes come with a 1x drivetrain, but the Roscoe suspension has 20mm additional travel. For a more in-depth review on the Marlin read this Trek Marlin 6 Review. Both bikes are awesome, but I prefer riding the Marlin around town and saving my Roscoe for the trails.

Is The 2022 Trek Roscoe 6 Tubeless?

Yes, the Roscoe 6 comes with Alex MD35 wheels that are tubeless compatible. You will need to apply rim tape, add sealant and a tubeless valve to complete the tubeless conversion. The benefits of tubeless tires when mountain biking are substantial. First, thorns no longer cause flats thanks to your sealant filling those holes. Most importantly, though, is the fact that you can run a slightly lower tire pressure without risking pinch flats. The lower pressure gives you additional traction on the trails.

To conclude this 2022 Trek Roscoe 6 review, those seeking an exceptionally well equipped hardtail that is both playful and fast will enjoy this bike. The extra travel in the front fork compared to the Marlin means you can get even more aggressive on the trails. Finally, the 27.5 option with 2.8″ tires rides incredibly smooth. The wider tire add a bit of extra suspension, especially if you are setup tubeless and running lower tire pressure. However, thrill seekers will want to equip their Roscoe with the 2.4″ wide 29ers. They make this bike both comfortable and incredibly fast.

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  1. Have you gone tubeless with this Roscoe 6? I have the exact same bike with the AlexMD35 rims and Rocket Ron tires and I was told by an employee at my local Trek store that the rims and tires were not tubeless compatible. I feel like I’m getting the run around and don’t want to waste money on rim tape, sealant, and valves if it’s not going to work. Thanks!

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