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5 Must Have Trek FX Accessories

These are my top five must have Trek FX accessories, but they are great on any bike. The Trek FX is an awesome bike on its own, but these five accessories improve your experience on every ride.

If you haven’t already, check out my Trek FX review here.

1. Lights

Whether you ride during the day or at night, a light is the number one accessory you can add to your bike. It’s multi-purpose use improves rider safety, and is a huge benefit at times when you least expect it.

For cyclists riding in the road or near traffic, the most important light you can own is a radar tail light. These devices let you know when traffic is approaching, and how quickly it is approaching.

Radar tail lights are a game changer in cycling safety. I never ride without my Garmin Varia RTL515. It won’t be in everyone’s budget, but it’s still worth every penny. Available at Scheels with Free Shipping. Cyclists need to consider a good headlight, too. There are plenty of affordable options on headlights, but in general the more lumens the better.

trek fx accessories - radar tail light

2. Cycling Shorts

Wear them under your normal shorts, or show them off, but please wear them. I rode for years without giving them a try because I was self conscious about my body, and worried about what other people might think.

When I finally committed to buying a pair of cycling shorts I went with the Escape Quest by Pearl iZUMi. (Check Current Price on Amazon.) Truth be told, I wore loose fitting basketball shorts over them the first few times.

The chamois pad in the shorts makes even the hardest saddle (bike seat) feel comfortable. When you ride with a pair of cycling shorts on, you will never be able to ride without them again.

3. Pedals

I used to hate it when my foot would slip off the pedal causing the crank arms to make a complete rotation sending said pedal directly into my shins. I won’t debate the benefits of clipless pedals, but I will say if you ride more than 50 miles per week you should seriously consider them.

For everyone else, flat pedals are more than sufficient. However, it takes a better pedal than the black plastic composite material pedals that come on some bikes. (High end bikes don’t come with any pedals at all, not even the cheap black plastic ones.).

I like a pedal with a lot of grip, so mountain biking flats work great. Chester RaceFace pedals are one of my favorite Trek FX accessories because there are multiple color options, and all of them provide great traction. I prefer bright pedals because they make me more visible when I am riding near traffic.

4. Storage

Flat tire repair kits, snacks, and first aid are all common items cyclists need to ride farther and see more. Carrying things on a bike is not always an easy task. For road cyclists and fitness nuts tracking performance, I recommend a small aerodynamic saddle bag to hold essentials without penalizing your performance. Something like this Small Topeak Bag available on Amazon.

For endurance cyclists that care more about how far they ride and less about how fast they did it will appreciate a larger storage solution. Trunk bags are great because they hold a ton of stuff, and its mounted behind you completely out of the way. The disadvantage to using a trunk back is that it requires a bike rack be installed, so it’s not the cheapest Trek FX accessory on the list.

5. Phone Mount or Cycling Computer

The last, but equally important, Trek FX accessory to make a great bike even better is a phone mount or cycling computer. Cell phones with apps like Strava are so advanced a cycling computer isn’t necessary for everyone. (There are still benefits to using a cycling computer, like preserving your cell phone battery for emergencies.)

The best mount I have ever used is the Wraptor Mount. Check Price on Amazon Here! Once your phone is installed, it won’t come out until you want it to. This is the part when I used to work in a bike shop I would pull out my cell phone, install it in the Wraptor mount and shake it vigorously to the “oohs and aahs” of my customers.

It doesn’t look like much, but it does a great job holding your phone and keeping the screen clear so it is usable while mounted.

trek fx accessory - bike mount

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