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Best Bike Maintenance Tools

Completing maintenance work on your bike at home is easy if you have the right set of tools. This guide covers the best bike maintenance tools to fully service your bike from home. No more expensive shop bills, no more upsells, just the essential tools to get the work done.

Basic tasks that can be completed at home are:

  • Change a tire
  • Replace cables and housings
  • Clean and lubricate
  • Adjust derailleurs and handlebar angles
  • Replace chain
  • Remove and replace cassette

Notice I did not include any bearing work. Bottom bracket and headset work are best left for the professionals that have the expensive and high end tools necessary to complete the work, along with training and experience.

Home Bike Maintenance Tools

The first, and arguably the most essential tool to do your own maintenance work is a bike stand. A bike stand will make your life easier. The convenience of not bending down to make adjustments will save your back. I have three different bike stands and my favorite is also the most affordable one. Its from Bike Hand and is only $130, but will hold up to a 55lbs bike. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here)

Second, you will need Allen, Hex and Torx keys. These tools allow you to adjust everything on the bike. Additional hand tools you should own are a chain whip and cassette freehub tool. This will allow you to transfer your cassette from bike to indoor smart trainer, or replace the parts as wear and tear demand. You may need a socket wrench or adjustable spanner to hold the freehub socket.

It can be better to replace several parts at once to make sure they all wear evenly. Replacing a cassette means you should probably replace your chain too. Add a chain breaker to the tools list. Pliers, cable and housing cutters and a box of replacement cable is also great to have on hand.

I’d recommend buying those tools on torque wrenches so you can control all your adjustments, but be prepared for the increased costs of torque spec’d tools.

Finally, you will need the tools necessary to complete tire work. That means tire levers, tubes, a valve core remover and sealant.

Best Bike Cleaning and Lubrication Kit

This doesn’t fall into the tools category, but having a good cleaning and lubrication supply is a good idea. For the cleaning kit I would recommend a bike specific wash. This will ensure your cleaner doesn’t have any contaminants that affect your disc brake rotors.

Make sure you have microfiber rags stored in containers or sealable bags on hand. Use them with bike polish to clean and shine all the painted parts on your bike, more specifically the frame. I have grease and friction paste in my home garage and when those items get on microfiber rags it contaminates them.

For lubrication I always have a bottle of Tri-Flow on hand. I use it when shifters are sticking. I also carry a stock of multiple lubrication types. Dry, wet and ceramic chain lube are all on hand in my home shop. Keeping your bike clean and properly lubricated will ensure your parts last longer. See my Ultimate Guide to Bike Lubricants for more in-depth chain lube information.

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