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Best Bike Trailer For Dogs

This pet trailer guide covers everything you need to know before picking out your next bike trailer. When it comes to bike trailers for pets, you have a lot of options. We cover safety, innovative designs, durability and I share my pick for the best bike trailer for dogs on the market.

After reading this guide you will know how to identify the safest trailers, and be able to spot trailers least likely to have maintenance or mechanical issues. Lets get started.

Are Bike Trailers Safe For Pets?

Bike trailers can have mechanical problems similar to a bike, although they are far less likely. To be prepared, read Common Mechanical Problems While Cycling so you know what to do when flats or other mechanicals happen. Aside from mechanical issues like odd creaks, noises and flat tires, there isn’t much that can go wrong on a bike trailer. Because mechanical issues are so rare these bike trailers are very safe for pets.

The safest pet trailers will have good ventilation all the way around. It will also need a reinforced bottom and must be made from a durable material. Sharp nails will ruin the bottom and window vents of cheaper trailers. Finally, the trailer axle is a determining factor. I’m not talking about your bikes through axle or quick release skewer. I’m talking about the trailer wheel and the axle that connects it to the trailer. Cheaper models often have plastic housing around the axle. Its thin and cheap to save money. but its also prone to breaking.

If you are hauling gear in your bike trailer then taking your chances on a cheap model is fine. If you are hauling kids or pets in your trailer you will want air filled tires, and a suspension if possible. Roads and trails are often filled with concrete deviations and potholes. A suspension allows the cab area to move on the frame. Being able to move like that makes the ride inside the cab feel smooth instead of bumpy.

Best Brand Bike Trailer For Dogs

There is one brand of bike trailer that customers asked for constantly when I worked in the old bike shop. It starts with “Do you carry Burley trailers” and ends with something like “My daughter is having a baby and I had a Burley for 20 years that worked great. I wish I wouldn’t have sold that thing.”

The Burley Tail Wagon (Check Current Price on Amazon Here) is the pet friendly trailer from Burley. Their bike trailers for dogs are well thought with reinforced bottoms and air filled tires. The air filled tires provide a small amount of suspension which provides a better ride quality for your fur baby. They are also less prone to mechanical problems compared to their composite counter parts.

Burley bike trailers have been around for over 40 years. Today, Burley is known for building bike trailers that set the standard for safety, durability and thoughtful design. They are so popular, in fact, the name Burley is a proprietary eponym for bike trailer. Similar to how Kleenex is used to refer to tissues.

In conclusion, your dog or other pet will love a bike trailer. Its a great way to experience the outdoors while still brining your pet along. Pet trailers are also dual purpose. They are also used to haul gear via bike when needed, like Alan Scholz when he founded Burley.

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