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Best Bike Trailer For Kids

This guide is all about bike trailers and how to pick out the best bike trailer for kids. It will cover the most durability, risks of using a trailer, the best value bike trailers, bike compatibility and how important it is to have suspension. Finally, I give my recommendation for the trailer offering the best overall value.

This guide is specific to bike trailers made for children. If you want to haul your dog or other pets read; Best Bike Trailer for Dogs. The qualities and characteristics to look for are completely different when hauling pets versus children. With pets you need an open space and a durable floor with visibility in all directions. With kids you need them securely in their seat and good visibility forward and on the sides.

How Important Is Suspension On Bike Trailers?

Whether or not suspension is important depends entirely on the type of terrain you ride. A cyclist sticking exclusively to well maintained paved trails is not going to hear complaints from passengers regarding ride quality. If any portion of your ride crosses roads, sidewalks, trails that are not well maintained and a suspension gets extremely important. This also holds true for gravel biking.

When determining if you need a bike trailer with suspension or not, pay close attention to the quality of trails or road you ride on. In the end, err on the side of caution and go for the bike trailer with suspension if you have any concerns. Having the suspension will not have a negative effect over a rigid frame trailer.

Are Bike Trailers Bad For Bikes?

No, bike trailers will not damage your bike as long as you have installed it correctly. The biggest safety concern is using the incorrect axle size for your trailer. A great resource to determine the proper axle size is Robert Axle Project. The thru axle sizing tool is found here. They have a tool that allows you to plug your bike model into it to determine proper sizing. This is for thru axle bikes only.

When installing your bike trailer, first make sure the axle size is correct. Next, you need to apply grease to any metal on metal parts. Once installed, ride slower until you are familiar with how the trailer and bike react together. You will need to take wide turns, and slow down when doing so.

Most Durable Kids Bike Trailer

One of the most important features of a bike trailer for kids is it’s durability. One of the best bike trailers for kids also happens to be one of the most durable. This trailer includes a suspension and comes from one of the most reputable brands in the bike trailer industry. It is the Burley Encore. (Check Current Price on Amazon) This trailer has everything to keep your child both comfortable and safe.

You will need to properly restrain your child in the bike trailer before riding. Having a seatbelt strap material that is durable and cleans easily is extremely important. Kids riding in bike trailers will eat and drink in it and have other types of spills and accidents. The Burley Encore has a thicker padded material that wicks away moisture and cleans easily.

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