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Best eBike Conversion Kit

Best eBike Conversion Kit

Electric bikes, or eBikes, have exploded in popularity, but even the cheapest eBike will be a four-figure purchase. If you already own a bike there is an affordable alternative. An eBike conversion kit saves money without sacrificing performance.

The best eBike conversion kits need to be durable, reliable, and easy to install. The following list includes wheel hub motors, so make sure you know your bike’s frame specs to confirm the wheel sizes that fit. There are also kits that include the battery, and some that don’t. If you are looking for an all-in-one purchase the Bafang kit is your best option.

Best Hub Drive eBike Conversion Kits

1. eBikeLING – (Check Current Price on Amazon)

The EBIKELING conversion kit is compatible with both 700c and 29″ wheel sizes. It comes with a front or rear wheel hub option, and power from 500-1,500 watts. It also comes with pedal assist sensors. You can even install the throttle included in the kit. (Front wheel kits are throttle only.)

Arguably, the best feature on this bike is the crystal clear LCD display. It’s easy to see your current level of assist, speed and battery life.

The battery is not included, but there are universal battery options available on Amazon, like this one. The battery mount screws into your bike’s bottle cage mount.

2. Bafang Front Hub Kit – (Check Current Price on Amazon)

This Bafang Front Hub Kit comes in multiple wheel sizes from 20″ to 700c. It is also an all-inclusive kit, meaning there is a motor, battery, charger, and everything you need for installation. Another advantage to the Bafang Hub Kit is the battery mounting location. You have the choice of rear wheel rack mounting, downtube mounting or a triangle mount.

The disadvantage to the Bafang kit is the price. Depending on wheel size and battery chosen, costs can get as high as $865. However, with that price you get the highest quality kit featured. It’s the quietest and most durable.

2. AW Electric Kit – (Check Current Price on Amazon)

The coolest bikes to put an e-bike conversion kit on are old mountain bikes, and old mountain bikes come with 26″ wheels. Thankfully, AW specializes in kits for 26″ wheel size. They also offer the most affordable conversion kit on the market. The instructions are hard to get through, but for mechanically savvy folks it will only take a few hours.

The AW kit does not include a battery.

Best Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kit

The benefits to a mid-drive motor on your ebike are a lower center of gravity, and better performance. That means you can corner at higher speed, as well as go farther at faster speeds. When it comes to the best mid drive conversion kit the only brand proven reliable over time is Bafang.

1. Bafang Mid Drive – (Check Current Price on Amazon)

Bafang was one of the original makers of e-bike conversion kits, and now their wheel-hub and mid-drive motors are used by electric bike manufacturers. Thankfully Bafang is sticking to their roots by offering conversion kits to consumers.

The Bafang Mid Drive Conversion Kit comes with multiple display and size options. Mid-drive installation is harder than a wheel hub kit. It should only be done by someone with mechanical skills, and be prepared to spend a weekend working on it. You will need to have the tools required to remove a crankset.

If the best ebike conversion kit still doesn’t meet your needs, consider the Best Electric Bike.

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