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Best Electric Bike Under $1000

Best Electric Bike Under $1000

The best electric bike under $1000 needs to be reliable, fast and durable. There are plenty of bikes that meet one or two of those criteria, but the list below includes the five best electric bikes under $1,000 that meet all three. Each bike has its own unique set of features. In other words, this list includes an ebike for everyone.

1. Lectric Bikes XP 2.0 – $999

Lectric Bikes, Co. has developed a reputation as one of the best budget ebike brands on the market. Their bikes are reliable and backed by a one year warranty. The XP 2.0 is a do it all bike. It comes with puncture resistant fat tires designed to handle all types of terrain. (Buy the XP 2.0 Direct from Lectric Bikes, Co.).

The most important feature on this bike is the front fork suspension offering 40mm of travel. Combined with the fat tires you get the most comfortable ride on both pavement and gravel.

2. GEN3 The Outcross – $999

Technically the normal retail price of this bike is $1,199. However, they are constantly running promotions that discount the bikes to $999, making it eligible as the best electric bike under $1,000. There is a lot to love about this ebike from its traditional bike look, to its 1,000 watt peak power motor. (Purchase The Outcross Direct from GEN3).

The motor and battery are the primary reason the GEN3 The Outcross made this list. Most electric bikes under $1,000 sacrifice speed or range. That is not the case here because The Outcross has a 35 mile per charge range. The 500 watt rated/1000 watt peak power motor will assist as much or as little as you need on the steepest of hills.

As far as the look of an electric bike, The Outcross is best in class. It has the look of a traditional mountain bike and comes with Shimano shifting. With 4″ puncture resistant fat tires there is no terrain this bike can’t run through. Finally, when riding on pavement it’s as smooth as a cloud.

3. TotGuard 27.5″ E-Mountain Bike – $720

The TotGuard 27.5 is the best electric mountain bike under $1000. It’s well reviewed and when you dive into the specs and features of this bike its also an incredible value. To save a little bit of money you do have to sacrifice a small amount of battery range. Not a problem for someone riding 25 miles or less. (Check Current Price on Amazon)

The best feature on the TotGuard 27.5″ mountain bike is the front fork suspension. It has 50mm of travel in the front suspension, which makes this bike capable of handling light trails and gravel. The lack of a rear suspension means this ebike is made to keep the wheels on the ground at all times. Green trails and pavement will be as far as you want to push the TotGuard.

One complaint with this bike is its lack of a rear taillight. Electric bikes typically come with integrated light systems in both front and rear. A reflector is included, however, adding a tail light is an essential upgrade.

4. Jasion EB7

best electric bike under 1000 on amazon

Amazon is not a hotspot for great deals on electric bikes. Most of what you find is so poorly made that even if it works it’s not enjoyable to ride. That’s not the case with the Jasion EB7. It’s the fastest electric bike on the list with a top speed of 26 MPH. It has a 500 watt motor and a 48V removable battery. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here)

Admittedly, this is not the best looking bike in the bunch. The top tube has a unique shape, and the 20′ wheels are a dead giveaway this is an ebike. Similarly, the suspension system has a unique look. If you can get past the looks of this Jasion EB7 electric bike you will see a machine loaded with value.

This is a full suspension electric bike with a 26 mph top speed for only $949! The smaller wheel size means it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your RV or other vehicles when transporting. Above all, the Jasion EB7 is fun to ride.

5. Aventon Pace 350

Last on the list is Aventon 350. Technically the price is over $1,000 and Aventon doesn’t have a sale that will put it below that number. That being said, the Aventon Pace 350 gives you the most bang for your buck from an electric bike priced near $1,000. The current sale price lists this bike for $1,199, so act quickly. (Purchase the Pace 350 from Aventon Cycles).

The features on this bike put it a step above the competition. The mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors ensure your bike stops when you want it to. The 350w 36v rear hub motor is fast and reliable, but it’s the feel of getting up to speed that’s most impressive. In addition, the motor doesn’t make a lot of noise when climbing hills.

Finally, Aventon is one of the most reputable brands in electric bikes. They have been building electric bikes longer than most of the competition, and above all, they warranty their bike frames for the lifetime of the original owner. For the motor and battery you get a one year warranty.

In conclusion, if the best electric bike under $1000 on this list doesn’t fit your style, maybe an ebike isn’t for you. In other words, consider using an electric bike conversion kit on your existing bike.

Finally, if you don’t care about riding outside, read about stationary bikes in this guide to the best Peloton alternatives.

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