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Best Electric Bike

best electric bike

Picking out the best electric bike has never been easier thanks to explosive growth in the ebike industry. With that growth consumers have expressed different needs. Commuters and roadies want efficiency to get the most miles out of their energy expenditure. Mountain bikers want comfort and stability on bumpy terrain. The two disciplines are completely different, which is why the best electric bike is separated into two classes.

If you want to turn your own bike into an electric bike, read about the Best eBike Conversion Kits.

Here are the top three best electric bikes of 2022, including an honorable mention for best high performance electric electric bike for both classes.

Best Electric Mountain Bike 2022

  1. Dirwin Pioneer (Check Price on Dirwin eBikes) – The Dirwin Pioneer has 80 newton-metres of torque, so pulling a trailer is no problem. The bike also comes with Shimano components. With Shimano you get reliable shifting that feels buttery smooth. It is fully loaded with fenders and a heavy duty rack. The 1×7 drivetrain offers plenty of range with support from the rear hub motor, and the front fork suspension with 26×4 inch tires offer a smooth ride. If you want the most durable and reliable electric mountain bike this year, get a Dirwin. Reach out for a special discount code to save money on the best electric mountain bike of 2022.
  2. Velowave Fat Tire eBike (Check Price on Amazon) – It may be the best overall value electric bike in 2022, but it lands second on the list of best electric mountain bikes. This is mainly due to the Dirwin being a bit more trail capable. Cyclists looking to cruise the trails will love the Velowave’s smooth ride. It’s great for recreational use
  3. RadRover 6 Power Bike (Check Price on Rad Power Bikes) – The front fork on RadRover 6 gives riders 60mm of travel. That means bumpy gravel sections will feel as smooth as glass. The 1×7 drivetrain offers plenty of range when combined with the custom-geared hub motor. The only thing keeping RadRover 6 out of the number 2 spot is the 1 year warranty. Industry standard has moved to 2 or even 3 years of warranty on electric bikes.

Electric Mountain Bike Reviews

To qualify as an electric mountain bike it takes more than wide tires. This list includes the top three electric mountain bikes for 2022. All three of these bikes have 26×4 inch tires and front fork suspension. They also include hydraulic disc brakes because stopping safely is just as important as going fast.

Honorable mention goes to the Trek Powerfly 4. (Check Price on Trek Bikes). This bike falls into the high performance category due to its price tag in excess of $3,800. However, this is an incredibly trail capable bike, and even more incredible than the performance you get is the clean look. Powerfly is an electric bike that looks like your typical hardtail mountain bike.

Best Electric Commuter Bike 2022

  1. Aventon Level (Check Price on Aventon) – This is the best electric bike for commuters that are in a hurry. The Aventon Level comes with a 28 mph top speed. It also has a 1×8 drivetrain ovvering plenty of range for commuting in hilly cities. The average range on this battery is 40 miles per charge. However, the Level is easy to ride even without electronic assistance. Daily cyclists will exceed the the range average.
  2. Juiced CrossCurrent X (Check Price on Juiced Bikes) – Not the cheapest bike on the list, but the Juiced CrossCurrent X is the electronic bike with the most range. CrossCurrent X riders are seeing stretches in excess of 80 miles between charges. Juiced bikes are perfect for cyclists that want to go on long rides, or do a lot of miles between charges.
  3. Electric Bike Co. Model E (Check Price on Electric Bike Co.) – This Model E is one of the most well-thought electric bikes on the market. The 26×2.35 inch Schwalbe Fat Frank tires make even the roughest pavement seem smooth. The Model E has a step through frame to make getting on and off the bike a breeze. This is important for cyclists that make a lot of stops in traffic.

Electric Commuter Bike Reviews

To qualify for best electric road bike of 2022 these ebikes must have tires more narrow than 4 inches, and not be designed to climb mountains. The top three bikes on this list are the best electric commuter bikes of 2022. This list does not include high performance road cycling ebikes like Trek Domane+ or Specialized Turbo Creo.

Once again, honorable mention to the best high performance road bike of 2022. It goes to the Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0. This bike is spec’d with top end components, an excellent battery, and better handling thanks to the mid-drive motor.

eBike Assembly

Buying your new ebike online can lead to assembly problems. Putting a bike together is not as easy as it may seem. If you don’t have the experience or mechanical skills to assemble your own bike, nearly all local bike shops will assemble your bike for a fee. That fee will varies from $80-160 depending on location and how busy your shop is.

If you take care of assembly yourself here are a few tips to get you through the process.

  • Take your time.
  • Apply grease to all metal on metal contact points.
  • Left side pedal is reverse threaded.
  • Make sure you properly torque all parts to prevent accidents and injury.

Youtube and Google are great assets when assembling a bike, too. At the shop I used to work in we would see internet purchase bikes coming in with the front fork on backwards, brakes not assembled correctly, and more. A quick search of an assembled version of your bike will make assembly easier.

Learn about more electric bike models in our eBike Reviews section.

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