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Best Gloves For Winter Bike Riding

Best Gloves For Winter Bike Riding

The best gloves for winter bike riding need to be warm, but additional features will make road or mountain biking more fun when it’s cold out. There are gloves with pockets for handwarmers, touchscreen compatible gloves, and even electric heated gloves.

Let’s dive into which gloves are best for riding on cold days.

Best Winter Biking Glove Material: Merino Wool, Flannel, or Fleece?

There are a lot of different materials being used to make winter cycling gloves, but all of them have some form of insulation. One pair of gloves may use multiple insulation types, too. Choosing the best glove also means choosing the best glove material.

The best gloves for winter bike riding are made from Merino wool. It is the best material when it comes to providing warmth and wicking moisture away. It is a natural material that also works great in winter cycling jerseys and pants.

Synthetic materials in gloves also work great. The leader in thin insulation for gloves is 3M, so any glove with 3M Thinsulate technology will be very warm. Flannel and fleece lined gloves are extremely comfortable, but won’t be as warm as other materials.

Four Best Winter Cycling Gloves

  1. POC Essential Softshell ($59.99) – The POC Essential Softshell gloves are the best overall value in winter cycling gloves. They are touchscreen compatible which is great for cyclists using their phones or touchscreen computer. However, they are not for extremely cold temperatures. When it is below 32 degrees you need a warmer glove. For cyclists that only ride above freezing they are perfect. (Check Current Price on Amazon)
  2. Bontrager Jack Frost ($78.99) – These gloves have a pocket on the back of your hand that fits a hand warmer packet perfectly. (Check Price of HotHands Packs on Amazon Here.) By placing this pocket on the top of your hand it puts the handwarmer directly on the blood vessels that flow throughout your entire hand. Meaning, your entire hand stays a lot warmer. The combination HotHands with Merino wool and 3M Platinum Thinsulate means you can ride in below freezing weather while keeping your hands warm. They are also built with a natural curve to perfectly fit your hand.
  3. FIDESTE Thermal ($20.88) – The price is right with the FIDESTE Thermal. While these gloves do not provide the same level of comfort as others on the list, they an affordable option for cyclists riding in below freezing weather. Rated for temperatures forty degrees Fahrenheit below zero, your hands will never get cold. One thing to know about, these gloves are bulky which will feel strange for your first few miles. (Check Current Price on Amazon)
  4. Battery Operated Heated Gloves ($49.99) – If no glove ever feels warm enough, you need to try heated gloves. There are rechargeable and battery operated options available. This is becoming a common feature in winter gear. The technology works like an electric blanket, but runs off a portable battery. (Check Price on Amazon for Both Options Here).

In the end, the best gloves for winter bike riding will be soft and lightweight, but also warm. Using a touchscreen computer will determine which gloves are best for you. Some cycling gloves have a thin material on the end of the index finger.

A great set of gloves is one of many ways to make winter cycling more fun. Check out Four Easy Steps to make Winter Biking Fun.

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