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Best Road Bike Saddle Bag

best road bike saddle bag

You don’t have to be a bike mechanic to fix a flat or other mechanical issues encountered while riding. But the surprising thing is, a large portion of cyclists don’t carry a flat kit. There is one easy way to store a flat kit, nutrition and more on your bike. Lets dive into the features that make the best road bike saddle bag.

First, the saddle bag that’s best for your bike will depend on your cycling goals. Endurance riders will want a bag that is durable. A cyclist training for a race needs a saddle bag that is lightweight and aerodynamic. Fitness and recreational cyclists prefer something in between.

Regardless of your cycling discipline, Topeak has a saddle bag for you.

Best Overall Saddle Bag

The Topeak Aero Wedge is the best overall saddle bag for road cyclists. It is aerodynamic, lightweight and durable. The Aero Wedge comes in three different sizes; micro, small, medium and large, meaning there is the perfect sized saddle bag for all.

Aero Wedge saddle bags are universal and will fit any road bike. The Cordura material makes it extremely durable and stylish, while a DuPont coating improves water resistance. Safety is another important feature on this saddle bag. It comes with a reflective stripe to increase visibility in low light situations.

The entire end of this saddle bag opens up so you can quickly and easily store and access the bag’s contents. The large size has over 1.5 liters of dry storage, which more than three times the dry storage space of the Aero Wedge Micro. Cyclists looking to save weight will appreciate the Micro for it’s 85 gram weight.

Best Saddle Bag For Dry Storage

Not all road cyclists have the luxury of only riding in favorable weather. If you ride during rain, snow and sunshine then the Topeak Wedge Drybag is the best road bike saddle bag for you. The Wedge Drybag also comes in multiple sizing options like it’s Aero cousin.

Wedge Drybags are made from waterproof Denier Nylon, which is a big upgrade over water resistant bags because of its ability to deflect larger amounts of water and moisture. Improved dry storage doesn’t come without a sacrifice. The medium Wedge Drybag is already 5 grams heavier than the large Aero Wedge. The extra weight comes from the change in material and an EVA foam insulation.

topeak saddle bag tail light mount

Another great feature on all Topeak saddle bags is the light mount. You can still have a tail light mounted to your saddlebag. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice your safety on the road to carry a saddle bag. However, the Topeak tail light mounting strap isn’t capable of holding the Varia Radar Tail Light due to it’s unique mounting system (Read: Varia RTL515 Review).

If you think these is a better road bike saddle than the Aero Wedge, let me know in the comments which saddle bag you prefer and why.

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