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Best Type Of Bike Chain Lube For Mountain Bikes

There are many different cycling disciplines. One of my favorites is mountain biking. Keeping your mountain bike’s chain properly lubricated will help ensure you have smooth shifting and a quiet drivetrain on your next ride. The best type of bike chain lube for mountain bikes depends on your riding conditions.

Read my Ultimate Guide To Bike Chain Lube to learn the how’s and whys to each type of chain lubricant.

To keep things simple, a dry climate means using a dry chain lubricant. If you’re in a wet climate, or riding in wet conditions, then a wet chain lubricant is the way to go. Knowing the type of chain lube to use is easy, but there are a ton of options out there to choose from.

Best Dry Chain Lube For Mountain Bikes

Riders in very dry states like Nevada, Arizona, Southern California and Colorado should use dry lubricant. If you know you need a dry lube the next decision to make is which one. There are a lot of lubricant manufacturers out there, and each claims to be the best. After experimenting with many different brands I have found they all work exceptionally well. My list of best dry chain lube for mountain bikes is here:

  • Boeshield T9 – High performance, anti-corrosive dry lubricant.
  • Muc Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube – Formulated for dry and dusty weather conditions.
  • Rock’N’Roll Absolute Dry – Goes on thin to penetrate deep into chain rollers.
  • Finish Line Dry – Goes on wet and sets up with a dry ‘wax-like’ Teflon synthetic film.

Best Wet Chain Lube For Mountain Bikes

Wet chain lubricants are popular in climates like those found in Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii. The wet conditions on the trails in those states lead to dry chain lubricant constantly washing off. That doesn’t mean there is never a time or place for a dry lubricant. Mountain bikes in dry climates likely use wet lubricants in the winter due to snow melt and frost on the trails. The best wet chain lube for mountain bikes is, in no particular order, from this list.

  • Muc Off C3 Ceramic Wet – Specifically formulated to excel in wet and muddy conditions.
  • Finish Line Wet – Full synthetic lubricant designed for extreme riding conditions.
  • White Lightning Wet Ride – Pure premium synthetic oils and water repelling polymers make this lube totally waterproof.
  • Rock’N’Roll Extreme – Gel membrane keeps shifting crisp, but also quiet.

Best Ceramic Lube for Mountain Bikes

The best type of bike chain lube for mountain bikes is a ceramic lube. Depending on riding conditions there are both dry and wet ceramic lubricants. A ceramic lubricant lands somewhere in between wet and dry lubricant. It is applied wet, but dries into a tacky film. It sticks to your chain, and still repels moisture and dust.

If I could only use one type of chain lubricant on my bike it would be Muc Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube. (Check Price on Amazon Here) I ride in very dry conditions and running a top of the line lubricant on my mountain bike is the only option. In the past I’ve used dry lubricant from Finish Line and Rock’N’Roll without issue. I’m a huge fan of Muc Off products right now, especially their tire sealant.

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