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best chain bike lock

Best Bike Lock

When it comes to choosing the best bike lock there are three styles you need to know. First, and the most common type of lock, is a simple cable lock. Cable locks can come with combination or key locking mechanisms. The second most common style of bike lock is the U-Bolt. As the name implies,… Read More »Best Bike Lock

ride wrap review

Ride Wrap Review

Bikes are expensive, and there are few things that upset cyclists more than damage to their bike. Thankfully, there are companies like Ride Wrap offering protection kits for these high priced pieces of fine tuned machinery. In this Ride Wrap review I will answer the two most common questions I get about my protection kit.… Read More »Ride Wrap Review

best tubeless sealant

Best Tubeless Sealant

This guide covers everything you need to know about choosing the best tubeless sealant. We tested several of the top brands, in both road and mountain bike tires, to see which sealant offers the best puncture protection. In the end, we were able to determine which sealant lasts the longest, too. Here are the brands… Read More »Best Tubeless Sealant

Bike Chain Lubricants

There are few things as irritating as squeaking noises on a bike, or a chain skipping gears when shifting. One easy solution to prevent those problems is keeping your chain properly lubricated. That’s no easy task given the plethora of options for bike chain lubricants at your local bike shop. Knowing whether you need a… Read More »Bike Chain Lubricants