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Common Mechanical Problems When Cycling

There are lots of things that can go wrong when riding a bike. Many are easily fixable with a saddle bag tool kit. These are the most common mechanical problems when cycling broken down into three categories.

This guide will cover the most common mechanical problems you’ll encounter with your drivetrain. It will also dive into problems caused by accidents. Finally, the most common problem when cycling: a flat tire. This guide doesn’t just talk about these common problems, it lets you know the tools you need to fix and prevent these issues.

Common Drivetrain Problems

When it comes to common drivetrain problems when cycling a popular issue is chain jumping. Chain jumping is when your chain jumps too many gears, or not enough gears when shifting. It can even happen when you don’t shift which is incredibly frustrating. Pay attention to your cable tension and use your barrel adjuster if needed. You may also need to look at the inner and outer limit screw on your derailleur. A simple multi-tool can make all of these adjustments.

Another one of the most common mechanical problems when cycling is squeaking. There are a lot of parts on your bike that can squeak. Keeping your drivetrain properly lubricated (Read: Ultimate Guide To Bike Chain Lubricants) will minimize the number of squeaks.

Your braking system can also cause noise. If you are getting noise when braking look at replacing your brake pads. Upgrading to a bike with disc brakes will help mitigate problems with your bikes braking system. Disc brakes work better in all weather conditions. If your brake pads are fine try spraying your rotor or wheel with degreaser to clean the surface.

Common Mechanical Problems Caused By Accidents

If you ride your bike long enough, accidents will eventually happen. When they do the most common problem is wheel damage. In a catastrophic situation you could actually break your wheel. In a less dramatic situation you may simply need to true your wheel by adjusting spokes. Once again, a well equipped multi-tool will have what you need to adjust your spokes.

Another common mechanic problem caused by accidents, or even just wear and tear is a broken chain. A well equipped multi-tool comes to the rescue again. A chain breaker is a common feature on high end multi-tools and you can simply shorten your chain to make it home.

If you’re paying attention, to fix most of these common problems you simply need to properly maintain your bike, and have an awesome multi-tool. Something like the Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here.)

Most Common Mechanical Problem

The number one most common problem on a bike is a flat tire. You can get pinch flats, and flats from sharp plants and debris. The number of ways to get a flat tire while riding your bike is endless. More important than how often flats occur, is being prepared for when they do.

The best way to be prepared for a flat is by carrying a spare tube and hand pump or CO2 inflation system. Even tubeless setups can run with a tube, and if your sealant isn’t preventing your tire from going flat then throwing a tube in to get you home is your best option.

Start by removing the tire from the rim on one side with tire levers, then install the tube. Once again using your tire levers, put the tire back inside the rim and inflate your new tube until the bead sets from the tire to the rim. Tire levers, a spare tube and a way to inflate are all compact and fit in most saddle bags for both road cyclists and mountain bikers.

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