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Most Important Cycling Tech: 7 Must Have Accessories

Innovation in the bike world happens in cycles. First it’s the bikes themselves, next it is accessories. Within the last few years there have been some amazing innovations when it comes to cycling tech. I’m going to cover 7 must have accessories in this most important cycling tech review.

We will start with Smart Accessories that link to cell phones, computers and TVs. Finally we’ll cover the accessories that attach to your and your bike that have seen major innovation in recent years. In the end, you will be up to speed on the coolest cycling gadgets and tech.

Must Have Smart Bike Accessories

  • Indoor Smart Trainers – An indoor smart trainer will drastically improve your training in the off-season. Smart trainers have built-in power meters and will connect with third party apps to enhance your cycling experience. Thanks to apps like Zwift (Read: Zwift: Everything You Need To Know) you can ride indoors, but feel like you’re climbing Mt. Everest.
  • Computers and Power Meters – Whether you are training for a race, seeking adventure on new paths, or you’re just a numbers geek, chances are a computer and/or power meter will enhance your experience. Adventure seekers will love GPS bike computers because they keep you on the trail when it isn’t clearly marked. Numbers junkies and performance athletes will benefit greatly by training for power thanks to a power meter.
  • Radar Taillight – This is a must have item for anybody riding in the road. I’ve never felt safer since adding my Varia taillight. (Read: Garmin Varia RTL515 Review) It’s an amazing taillight that sends a signal to your smartphone or bike computer letting you know a car is approaching from the rear. It will indicate how quickly the car is approaching and how close it is to your bike.

More Must Have Cycling Tech Accessories

  • Bike Stand – Another of the most important bike accessories is a bike stand. For something with such an easy job, holding your bike up off the ground, one might think innovation would skip over bikes stands. Thanks to explosive growth in the e-bike industry there are now electronic bike stands with build in shelving and tool holders. If you like advanced cycling tech then an electronic bike stand is probably for you.
  • Helmet – Arguably the most important cycling tech innovation has come on helmets. Thanks to MIPS, Koroyd, WaveCell and other innovations cyclists have never been more protected. One of the most in-depth cycling helmet studies out there came from Virginia Tech University. They reviewed many helmet models from most major manufacturers. Check out their helmet ratings here.
  • High End Cycling Apparel – One of the most overlooked bike accessories that can improve performance and enhance your experience is your cycling apparel. More specifically, high end cycling apparel will make you more aerodynamic thus making you faster. It can keep you warmer in winter weather allowing you to ride farther. For every cycling experience there is the perfect piece of apparel to make you perform better and feel more comfortable.
  • Aftermarket Tires – If you want your entry level or mid-range bike to perform like a superbike one quick way to upgrade is with some aftermarket tires. The innovation and technology in cycling tires has improved greatly in recent years. For example, the Pirelli P ZERO weighs in at just 209 grams for the 25mm wide tire. A good tire will provide better traction, less weight, and often times even better flat protection.

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