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Orange Seal Tire Sealant Review

orange seal tire sealant review

This Orange Seal tire sealant review covers the three formulas offered under the Orange Seal brand. There is the regular formula, endurance and subzero.

Each sealant formula is made for a specific usage. Depending on when and where you are riding, the formula you need will change.

All three formulas have proven to be successful at filling punctures regardless of riding discipline. Orange Seal tests each sealant up to 120 psi. That means you can use Orange Seal in your road, gravel or mountain bike.

I’ll be posting my own sealant test video on the Riding With Ryan YouTube channel in the near future. It will put Orange Seal to the test against Muc-Off, Slime, Stan’s No Tubes, and others.

Orange Seal is good to fill punctures up to 6mm. For the best results, anything larger than that must be filled with a tire plug, followed by Orange Seal being added to the tire. The sealant will fill the crevices your tire plug cannot.

Types of Orange Seal Tire Sealant

Regular formula Orange Seal is for fair weather and low altitude climates. Regular can still be used at altitude and in dry desert climates, but will dry out inside your tire much faster. It still does an excellent job filling punctures, but you will need to refill your tire with sealant twice as often. Check price of Regular Orange Seal on Amazon Here.

Endurance Orange Seal is for dry climates and those riding at high altitude. The dryness and altitude will cause normal sealants to dry up while inside your tire. That’s why Orange Seal created the endurance formula. Made to last longer even when the air is dry, but you still need to refill every 4-5 months. Check price of Endurance Orange Seal on Amazon Here.

Finally, there is the subzero formula. You can mix all of these sealants without any chemical reaction, but do not mix other brands of sealant with Orange Seal. It is a bad idea to mix ammonia based sealants with latex based sealants, and vice versa. Check Price of Orange Seal Subzero on Amazon Here.

Which Bike Tire Sealant Is Best?

The regular Orange Seal tire sealant does the best job of filling punctures, but it requires refills every 3-4 months. Cut that time in half if you live in a dry climate.

For a longer lasting sealant the Endurance formula works best. It lasts longer, and you only lose a millimeter of puncture protection.

If you ride in colder climates and at altitude, the Subzero will never freeze while your bike is stagnant. Just make sure you swap it back to Endurance or Original formula when winter comes to and end.

I swap to Subzero Orange Seal in all my bikes each winter. I also add regular formula to my kids bikes that still use tubes. You can use Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant in tubes, and it works great! I do not recommend using in vehicles, dirt bikes, or anything else with a motor (besides an E-Bike, of course.)

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  1. Also worth noting is that slime doesn’t really go bad so you can put it in and it’ll be good for years whereas tubeless sealant has to be replenished every 2 to 7 months. I agree that tubeless is better at sealing punctures, but slime does have its place…

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