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Pirelli P Zero TLR Bike Tire Review

Pirelli P Zero TLR Bike Tire Review

If you race your bike and don’t use Pirelli P Zero tires you’re not riding as far and fast as you can. Upgrading your tires to Pirelli P Zero tires will make you faster, hands down. In this Pirelli P Zero TLR bike tire review we will dive into why these tires are so fast. We will also cover the value side of things. At $90 USD per tire this won’t be the cheapest upgrade, but it is quite possibly the best upgrade you can make to your bike.

Bargain shoppers that don’t mind straying away from their local bike shop can find these tires on sale. They can be found for 25% off on Amazon if you are patient. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here). If price is no concern, style might be. The P Zero tires come in all black and tan sidewalls. It is personal preference, but I prefer the look of the tan sidewall tires.

What Is The Fastest Road Bike Tire?

Do not get the P Zero Clincher tires and expect the same results as the TLR (Tubeless Ready.) You must be setup tubeless to take full advantage of the features these tires offer. Butyl rubber and even latex tubes add unnecessary weight and will never be as fast as tubeless tires. The fastest road bike tires are always tubeless.

What makes the Pirelli P Zero tires so fast? First of all, they are a tubeless tire that is already lightweight out of the box. There are plenty of high quality and high performance road bike tires of the tubeless variety, but few weigh in as light as the P Zeros at 245 grams. All race tires should weigh less than 300 grams, and Pirelli was able to smash that weight goal with nearly 20% weight savings.

Weight is only one variable in the fastest road bike tire conversation. In addition to being lightweight, the fastest tires also have low rolling resistance. There is a complex formula to calculate rolling resistance. (For the nerds: Watts = Rolling Resistance * Speed * Load) When properly inflated and using an average speed of 20 mph the P Zero TLR tires will cost you 10 watts. Running a lower PSI is an advantage of being setup tubeless, but make sure on race day you are sacrificing some comfort for increased performance.

Pirelli P Zero TLR Bike Tire Review
Pirelli P Zero TLR Tires (Check Price on Amazon)

Do Tubeless Road Bike Tires Preventing Punctures?

No tubeless tire can prevent a puncture. They can, however, help minimize the impact of a puncture. The more important factor in terms of puncture protection is the type of tire sealant you use. There are loads of sealant tests out there comparing brands. In fact, check back in a few weeks and I will be posting the results of my own sealant test. The results will surprise you!

There is an SL race edition of the P Zero tire, but the tread and sidewalls are 25% thinner. You do not make gains in rolling resistance, but you sacrifice puncture protection. They also come at a higher cost. The scientific studies on high performance race tires have determined the Pirelli P Zero TLR offer the best puncture protection of any race tire on the market.

Pirelli P Zero TLR Bike Tire Disadvantages

There is only one real disadvantage to these tires, and its longevity. A heavier and less supple tire will give you more mileage before replacement is required. When compared to other high performance race tires the durability is in line with other manufacturers. All race tires will need to be replaced sooner than training tires. It’s a cost of high performance, and no tire manufacturer has a durability advantage over another.

This Pirelli P Zero TLR bike tire review has concluded the P Zero tires offer the best puncture protection with the lowest weight and rolling resistance of any race tire. In conclusion, they are the fastest and lightest tire available. Corporate sponsorships will determine the tires used by professional racers. I surmise most would opt to use the P Zero tires if given the choice. You can race like a pro by upgrade your bike to P Zero tires today. (Buy on Amazon Here)

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