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Ride Wrap Review

ride wrap review

Bikes are expensive, and there are few things that upset cyclists more than damage to their bike. Thankfully, there are companies like Ride Wrap offering protection kits for these high priced pieces of fine tuned machinery. In this Ride Wrap review I will answer the two most common questions I get about my protection kit.

Above all, keeping your bike protected helps keep you safe when riding. Similarly, keeping your brain protected keeps you safe too. Check out the safest bike helmets by riding discipline.

Ride Wrap is available for all different types of bikes and riding disciplines. First, the company tested its products at Whistler Bike Park. In other words, the product has been put through some extreme testing conditions.

Does Ride Wrap Work To Protect Bikes?

The short answer is, yes. Ride Wrap does a great job protecting bikes from common road, gravel and mountain bike trail debris. After prolonged periods of time you will need to remove and replace. How often Ride Wrap needs replaced will depend entirely on how often you ride your bike. In other words, keep an eye on your kit for damage.

When Ride Wrap ages, gets left in the sun or exposed to hard elements for prolonged periods of time it will wear down faster. The warranty on Ride Wrap is 12 months, but everyday road cyclists won’t need to replace that often. Gravel and mountain bikers should make Ride Wrap replacement a part of their annual maintenance.

The film is warrantied for 10 years from yellowing or cracking, but I do not recommend pushing that limit. You can get more information on warranty, including ordering replacement pieces, on the Ride Wrap Support Page.

How Hard Is Ride Wrap To Install?

Installation is not something to rush. If you take your time and prepare properly it is fairly simple to install Ride Wrap. However, if you rush the job, forget something, or rush to finish then the process gets difficult.

Take your time, take your time, I cannot say it enough. I needed to be somewhere and thought I could finish faster than estimated because I’ve tinted windows in my home before. Let me be clear, those skills are not transferable to installing Ride Wrap. I rushed the final piece, contaminated it and created a small piece of debris trapped with an air bubble around it.

The amount of time you need to install Ride Wrap will depend on which kit you get. I would plan on spending a full day for the high end kits that cover every inch with custom fit pieces. For the generic kits plan on a few hours. The generic kits do an excellent job protecting bikes.

My Ride Wrap review is positive. When I replace the piece I messed up I will have a heat gun nearby. With a small amount of heat the film will be easier to work with. Even with the small blemish, my Ride Wrap kit looks great and has saved by bike from several rock chips.

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