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Serfas Air Force T1 Floor Pump Review

serfas air force t1 floor pump review

Families, or anybody that owns multiple bikes, must have a floor pump in their bike tool kit. This Serfas Air Force T1 floor pump review includes valve type compatibility, accuracy of the PSI gauge, and efficiency of pumping both road and mountain bike tires. Finally, we discuss stability, or lack of it, while using the Sefas Air Force floor pump.

The price is right on all Serfas floor pumps. The brand is recognized as a leader in value due to their high quality bike accessories. They back all of their products with an easy to use warranty. Warranty details for Serfas bike accessory are shown on their website here.

Bike Floor Pump That’s Presta and Schrader Compatible

If you aren’t already familiar, there is a big difference between Presta and Schrader valves. Not all floor pumps are compatible with both valve types. To make things even more confusing, some inflation valves are Dunlop. None of those three valve types are compatible, and Dunlop valves are a rare sighting. The Serfas Air Force pump is not Dunlop compatible, but is both Presta and Schrader compatible.

serfas floor pump presta and schrader compatible

The best way to avoid flats in your bike is by switching to a tubeless tire setup. To do so you will need a tubeless valve. The most popular valve option for bikes is the Presta valve. I don’t have scientific evidence to support this claim, but based on years of experience I am confident Presta valves leak less air in cold weather compared to Schrader valves.

Serfas Air Force T1 PSI Accuracy

Most cyclists won’t know the difference between one or two PSI in their tires. Accidently inflating your tubes with too much air is something that doesn’t happen often. This is because the first time you over inflate and burst the tube and tire it makes a lasting impression by exploding with a loud bang that will startle both you and your neighbors.

serfas air force t1 floor pump pressure gauge

To measure the accuracy of the PSI gauge on the Serfas Air Force floor pump I inflated it, then tested the air pressure with a digital gauge that is accurate to within 1 percent. The accuracy was spot on when inflating high PSI tires. My road bike tires run at 90 PSI, and the Serfas was spot on. The same cannot be said for the lower PSI mountain bike tires I tested. The digital pressure monitor consistently read 36 PSI. I was pumping to 38 PSI with the Serfas floor pump.

The price of this floor pump is about $30. (Check Current Price on Amazon). Even though the pressure was off by two PSI, the value of this bike floor pump is unbeatable. This Serfas Air Force T1 floor pump review proves you don’t need to spend a lot of money on high priced inflation tools to get a pump that works well.

Bike Floor Pump With Stable Base

This is my only knock against this Serfas floor pump… the base is flimsy. It’s so narrow, in fact, that it rocks back and forth under your feet while inflating. I don’t use the floor pump enough to spend time fixing it. Also, there is a benefit to the smaller base. The pump tucks away easily for storage.

The Serfas Air Force T1 floor pump is the best value bike pumps available. To find out how to inflate your tires faster, and without an air compressor read What Is The Best Bike Tire Pump. If you have a floor pump worthy of reviewing let me know in the comments section below.

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