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Serfas True 600 C Headlight Review

serfas true 600 c headlight review

In this Serfas True 600 C headlight review we are going to cover everything I love about this light. We also have a few things to cover that annoy me. The good, the bad, and everything in between as it relates to this awesome little bike light.

How Many Lumens Should a Bike Headlight Have?

Working in a bike shop I get asked this question a lot. I usually answer with; as many lumens as you can afford, or even, that depends on how badly you want to see what’s in front of you. Dad jokes aside there is some truth to both of those responses.

Typically, the more lumens a bike headlight has the more expensive it will be. More lumens means its a brighter light. The brighter your light is the easier it will be to see what’s in front of you. All of these conversations got me thinking, at what point does the number of lumens no longer matter?

I think that depends heavily on where, when and how you ride. For a typical road rider or commuter a 600 lumen light will work perfectly. For the mountain bike rider pushing beyond daylight hours I would recommend something over 1,000 lumens.

How Does The Serfas True 600 C Bike Headlight Mount?

This headlight mounts very similar to other headlights, although each manufacturer seems to size differently. If you’ve owned a decent bike headlight before it probably sat on a square clip with a quick release lever. This is how all my Bontrager lights attach, and its how this Serfas light attaches. Of course, I can’t share the same mounts because the square clips are two different sizes.

As far as the reliability of this mounting system, its great. I’ve had lights that slip when you hit bumps. Its incredibly annoying to have a light pointing straight down two minutes into your ride. This light stays in place thanks to a well built rubber strapping system with adjustable tension.

Don’t leave this mount on your bike in direct sun or bad weather for too long. Rubber can wear down quickly and you will be adjusting the tension tighter before you know it. Replacement mounts are available online and they are cheap at a price of $11 bucks. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here)

Is This A Good Bike Light For Night Riding?

This is definitely a night time capable light. It is bright enough to see the trail ahead and still leave you time to avoid hazards. The 600 lumen headlight is comparable to a halogen bulb car headlight with the low beams on. If you want high beams quality lighting you will need around 1,200 lumens.

I have this light on my gravel bike and have definitely made it back to camp after dark. If you are looking to maximize your speed on a mountain bike trail I would highly recommend this light as a handlebar light, but would put on a 1,200+ lumen helmet light.

Another awesome feature of this headlight is the adjustable mount. Its a universal mount that is best suited on your handlebars, but depending on your helmet style it may work for that, too. Need a light while camping? Mount the Serfas True 600 C to a picnic table for extra lighting.

Why Do I Need Two Bike Headlights?

This is a question most people don’t know they need to ask. A light on your handlebars is great to see where you are going. But what if you need to see off the side of the road or trail? Having a headlight mounted to your helmet allows you to see where you are looking.

The combination adds an extra element of safety, and it makes your night riding experience much better. When I ride at night I always use two headlights and my Varia RTL515 Taillight. A third light would add no value and a single light is simply not enough.

What Bike Headlight Flashing Pattern is Best?

When you are riding during the day a flashing pattern is best. One of my favorite features mentioned in this Serfas True 600 C headlight review is the multiple flash patterns. There are two options to keep you safe. Recent studies indicate the variable flashing pattern is most visible, but there is a steady flashing option too.

There are also three options in steady mode. A high, mid and low beam option. The higher the brightness the shorter your battery life will be. Its nice to have low beam options for those times when ambient lighting is optimal and a bright headlight unnecessary.

The best light setting depends on how and when you ride. Any setting is better than going without a headlight. Riding in the dark is dangerous, but with proper lighting it is a lot of fun. Get two headlights so you can ride in any light conditions.

What Problems Were Found In This Serfas True 600 C Headlight Review?

The biggest complaint I have is the oversized power button. Oversized power buttons make sense. The power button is big so it is easy to find, mission accomplished. However, that is not the case with the smooth button design of the Serfas True 600 C.

Once you find the power button the light is incredibly easy to operate. I think it is an annoying power button because a raised button would do so much better in this situation. My Bontrager headlight has a raised power button I can feel in any situation. The Serfas headlight is smooth and cannot be felt with gloves on.

If I am getting picky, the weight of this bike headlight caught me off guard. It is advertised as weighing 125 grams, but it felt much heavier. The weight hasn’t bothered me enough to pull the light off my bike to put it on the scale. Maybe I will do that some day and share the results here.

Where Can I Buy Serfas Bike Headlights?

I always recommend supporting your local bike shop when you can. For those times when you can’t I am thankful for Amazon. Right now the Serfas True 600 C headlight goes for $75 online. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here)

If you enjoyed this review please let me know by commenting on one of my YouTube videos, or leaving me a comment here. Thanks for Riding with Ryan.

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