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Specialized Roubaix Review

Specialized Roubaix review

The Specialized Roubaix is the most versatile road bike of 2022, but not offering an aluminum frame option was a big mistake by Specialized. In this Specialized Roubaix review I’ll cover everything great about this carbon frame endurance road bike. We will also dive into some areas where this bike is lacking.

Choosing a high performance road bike from many of the top manufacturers is tough. Each bike from Specialized, Trek, Cervelo and more will come with a unique set of features to appeal to cyclists. For the Roubaix, its versatility and comfort.

Specialized Roubaix Pros and Cons

Pros: There are a lot of positives that come with the Specialized Roubaix. First, the design is stylish and all paint color options look great. Aesthetics aside, the bike is comfortable to ride and performs well on the flats and climbing. The Roubaix is the closest bike I’ve seen to a ‘Do-It-All’ bike. Put gravel tires on your Roubaix and it is a gravel bike. Throw a set of Pirelli P Zero tires on and you have an excellent climbing bike.

Another pro to the Specialized Roubaix is the amount of options buyers have when purchasing. There are nine different models of Roubaix. At the top end is the SRAM eTap AXS model that includes precise wireless shifting that is fast, reliable, and lightweight.

Cons: The price of this bike on lower end models is insanely high when comparing against other endurance road bikes. The entry price for a 2022 Specialized Roubaix is $2,600. You are getting a carbon fiber bike frame, but the componentry paired with the $2,600 price tag means Specialized puts a lot of value on their carbon fiber frame. In other words, the Roubaix isn’t a great value on the low end. This is especially true when comparing to a bike like the Trek Domane that offers an aluminum frame bike with similar componentry for $1,200.

Specialized Roubaix Problems

Normally, I am a big fan of Specialized tires. However, there are some models of the Roubaix that come with 700x28c Specialized Espoir Sport tires. I highly recommend swapping those tires out. If you do decide to keep them on your bike, bring a spare tube and a frame mounted pump like this one from PRO BIKE TOOL. These tires don’t hold up well against flats, and the 700x32c Specialized Road Sport tires are an upgrade well worth your investment.

Aside from the tires on lower end Roubaix models, this bike is stacked with high end tech and features. I don’t expect cyclists to have many problems with the 2022 Specialized Roubaix, regardless of sub-model. Each Roubaix model is equipped with a groupset engineered for this bike. Regardless of the Roubaix model, you get fast and reliable shifting on a comfortable bike.

It is also worth noting, the future shock headset gets mixed reviews. Negative reviews have questioned durability of the headset. Breaking the Future Shock is not an uncommon problem. Meanwhile, the positive reviews state adjustment is easy, and the 20mm of travel smooth out any rough terrain you ride over.

In conclusion, the Specialized Roubaix is a comfortable high performance road bike. If you enjoyed this Specialized Roubaix review, consider reading about another great endurance road bike in this 2022 Cervelo Caledonia 105 Review.

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