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Trek FX 2 Review: Ultimate Guide To The Fitness Hybrid Gravel Grinder

My first bike from a legitimate bike shop was a Trek FX 2 Disc. There have been several changes over the years, almost all making this bike even better. If you are just getting into cycling and are interested in this Trek FX 2 review, be very careful. This bike will draw you into cycling, and soon you will start obsessing about saving grams, LYCRA, and Strava KOMs. Also, be sure to check out this 2022 Trek FX 3 review.

No need to worry about high prices with this bike. In other words, the Trek FX 2 is an awesome bike with a low price point, below $1,000. So what kind of bike is it, and who is it good for? These are both questions we will answer, and more, in this Trek FX 2 review. After that, you will want to call your bike shop to setup a test ride.

What Kind Of Bike Is The Trek FX 2?

The Trek FX 2 is a fitness hybrid bike. A hybrid bike is simply any bike that doesn’t fall into a specific category like road bike, mountain bike or cruiser. Fitness hybrids are bikes with similar geometry to an endurance road bike, but it will have flat handlebars instead of traditional road bike drop bars.

Fitness hybrid bikes can be ridden in the road, on light gravel, or a combination of the two. They make great bikes for commuting, as well as making an awesome gravel bike with flat bars. It really is a do-it all bike that’s good at everything, great at nothing.

For a long time I ran two different sets of wheels on my Trek FX 2. I had a set of wheels with 40mm gravel tires, and I replaced the stock 35mm tires for some slightly more aggressive 32mm road tires for the factory wheelset. Eventually tire upgrades were not enough and I started buying upgraded bikes. However, I love my Trek FX 2 so much I still own it today.

Who Is The Trek FX 2 Good For?

The Trek FX 2 is made for anyone looking for a high quality ride without sacrificing comfort. This bike is incredibly fast to anyone not already riding a road bike. With beefier tires its a capable endurance bike.

The Trek FX 2 has multiple rack and fender mounts for commuters, and plenty of storage add-ons available for tourers.

It’s not often a single bike fills the holes of so many different riding disciplines. This Trek FX 2 review may be the first bike review I’ve done that covers road biking, fitness, gravel, and recreational riding. All of which are extremely fun and comfortable on the FX 2. The only riding discipline the FX 2 isn’t good for is mountain biking.

Trek FX 2 Gravel Upgrades

One of the most popular questions in the bike shop these days is about gravel bikes. Its an awesome riding discipline that has exploded in popularity for good reason. An easy and affordable way to ride gravel is with the Trek FX 2.

The maximum tire size recommended by Trek for the FX 2 Disc model is a 38mm tire. I have first hand experience fitting 40mm tires on my Trek FX 2 without a single issue. Above all, you don’t want to risk your warranty. It’s best to stay within the specifications Trek recommends. Adding fenders restricts that maximum tire size to 35mm.

After the new tires the FX 2 is ready to shred your next gravel trail. Modifying grips and saddles, as well as adding clipless pedals are all recommendations I would make. Getting those accessories specifically for gravel riding will only enhance your riding experience.

Gravel Purists, or Gravel Snobs, will not appreciate your flat bar gravel bike. Gravel bikes have drop handlebars. Some forged bar ends hanging down should be the final touch to keep everyone happy. They will also give you some additional hand positions on longer rides.

Is the Trek FX 2 Worth It?

Yes, the 2022 Trek FX 2 Disc is certainly worth it’s $779.99 price tag. Save the extra $150 to afford the Trek FX 3 Disc. It comes with an upgraded group set and a carbon fork to eat up additional vibrations from the road. In other words, you can’t go wrong with any Trek FX model.

The 2022 Trek FX 2 Disc bikes come in two color options. Firstly, is Trek’s traditional Satin Lithium Gray that has been a color option every year on the FX model. The second color option is absolute fire. It is Satin Viper Red and it looks amazing.

I love the Viper Red for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the bike look great and look fast. Secondly, is the way the color stands out. Someone driving by is going to see this Viper Red bike. If they see you they are less likely to run you over. Which is, you know, a great thing!

If you are looking for a great way to transport your bikes read: Kuat NV 2.0 Review.

Trek FX 2 Disc vs Rim Brakes

Trek offers the FX 1 and 2 models in rim brake and disc brake versions. The FX 3 is disc brakes only. What exactly is the difference, and are disc brakes worth the upgrade? Lets dive into those details.

First, the difference between disc and rim brakes can be dramatic. Disc brakes provide better stopping power in all conditions. The Tour De France was won on rim brakes for over 100 years, but you can’t argue against disc brake stopping ability.

The only reason someone should consider rim brakes over disc brakes is if their budget requires it. Riding a rim brake bike is better than riding no bike at all. Also, many dry climates won’t notice much difference between disc and rim brakes. The differences are more noticeable in wet riding conditions.

In conclusion, if you aren’t sure which model of FX is best for you I’d recommend browsing through the details on Trek’s website. Also, you can read this 2022 Trek FX 3 review.

1 thought on “Trek FX 2 Review: Ultimate Guide To The Fitness Hybrid Gravel Grinder”

  1. I just bought a Trek FX 2 Disc at Scheels Grand Forks, North Dakota on July 22nd, 2023. They installed cheap brake: RUSH bake system and Cheap tire 700x32c with no name on it into my bike. These components were not as specifications on sale list at Scheels Grand Forks, North Dakota. The bake system should be Tektro HD-R280 and the tires should be Bontrager H2 Comp, 700x35c. First, they said that they will replace the brake and the tire as the specifications on the sale list. Then they call me to come back to the store and told me they only change the tires to the Bontrager H2 Comp, and if I want to change the brake I have to pay for the labor.
    I really disappointed about this.
    To my experience, you should check out the component of the Trek bike before you buy it. If you don’t, maybe your Trek bike get a cheap component installed on it.

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