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Trek Verve+ 2 Review: Everything You Need To Know

trek verve+ 2 review

When my wife and I went e-bike shopping we knew we wanted a mid-drive e-bike with a step-through, or low step, option. We needed an e-bike that would be fun for guests can use when they visit, and something my wife can use to keep up on longer rides. Usually the altitude limits our visitors ability to go on bike rides, but viewing the City from the trail system is too amazing to miss. This Trek Verve+ 2 review will explain how this bike perfectly fit our needs.

This bike is a perfect fit for our family, but it is not perfect straight out of the box. In fact, there was one upgrade we made before we even left the bike shop. I’m going to share all of those problems, as well as everything we love about this bike.

Trek Verve+ 2 Problems

We haven’t had any serious problems with the Trek Verve+ 2. It probably doesn’t feel like a Trek Verve+ 2 review if I don’t bash on something, but this is a really well thought out bike. There is a quick release on the seat post to adjust saddle height, a rack already included, an adjustable stem and fenders to keep riders clean

Even though we haven’t had any problems, we have made a few modifications. The first modification we made was to the tires. The trail systems we ride most often are a combination of pavement and gravel. Some of the gravel sections can be a tad chunky and loose. The Bontrager H5 tires that come on the bike are excellent for commuting around town on pavement, but they felt a little loose at higher speeds on gravel.

Best Verve+ Upgrades

We ended up making the upgrade to a 700×50 gravel tire. According to the Trek Bikes website, this is the largest tire size they recommend for the Verve+ 2. My wife loved the look of tan sidewall tires and we ordered the first available pair. I also bought thorn resistant tubes. The shop installed the tubes and tires before we picked up the bike. The upgrade was easy and it totally transformed this bike.

WTB Raddler 700×44

One other modification we made was to the rear taillight. Rather than try to replace the light, we simply added a second that provides an additional level of functionality.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I am a huge advocate of the Garmin Varia RTL515 radar tail light. (Read my Varia RTL515 Review here.)

We ended up adding the taillight and have been using the app on my wife’s iPhone for the display. I love the way it displays on my Garmin computer, but another Edge is not something we need right now and the app works great.

What Is The Trek Verve+ 2 Range?

The range of this e-bike is relative to loads of different variables. The short and quick answer is you should get 30-80 miles on a full charge. That range is so broad is because range varies by fitness level, terrain, level of assist used, rider weight, and even a strong headwind will impact range. Our personal average has been just over 40 miles. That is riding mixed terrain with two riders of mixed fitness levels sharing the bike.

There are four different modes of assist: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. As the name implies, Eco will use the least amount of battery, while Turbo will use the most. If you hold down the minus(-) on your control pad it will change the display settings. The default is speed and odometer, but the second option shows your estimated range.

The normal display shows the traditional battery with illuminated bars indicating life. The range is nice because it converts that “bars” display into a mileage reading.

When riding the bike in Eco mode on flat surfaces we get a range of just over 80 miles. It’s hard to find such a flat stretch here in Colorado.

When climbing up hills in turbo mode the range is under 30 miles. We do have stretches of road with 30 mile climbs nearby. Thankfully you can double your mileage by simply turning around to go downhill.

Does the Verve+ 2 Have Suspension?

Yes, this bike comes with a seatpost suspension system offering 40mm of travel. Again, we take our Verve+ on gravel and it is incredibly comfortable. The slightly wider tires we upgraded also help smooth out the ride.

This suspension is not good enough to take this bike on a mountain bike trail. The riding posture is not ideal for aggressive trail riding either. The handlebars are adjustable to lay flat or stand upright. Even in the most aggressive position the bike feels more like a cruiser hybrid mix.

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3 thoughts on “Trek Verve+ 2 Review: Everything You Need To Know”

  1. My question is how did I handle Those hills. I have read that the verve 2+ is underpowered and doesn’t do well on hills. We have a few in our neighborhood so this is a big issue for me

    1. Power is all relative. The torque doesn’t have as many newton meters as others in this price range. If you are in shape and cycle already the assist offers plenty of power. If someone is getting into it to get in shape they will probably feel it is underpowered on steep inclines. I think it’s a great bike in terms of battery life, reliability and durability. It’s definitely not a peak performance machine.

  2. Is there a way you can quick charge the battery? Charging the battery takes for every.I live in a hilly area and would like to increase the range of the bike. I really like to ride about 75 miles. I am 81 years old and need the help.

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