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Wahoo KICKR Climb Review: How To Install and Pair

This is your ultimate guide to the KICKR Climb. I will cover the most common problems and issues in this Wahoo KICKR Climb review. In addition to common problem troubleshooting, we talk about the advanced features and how to get the most out of your indoor cycling investment.

Indoor cycling has exploded in popularity thanks to affordable smart trainers and apps like Zwift, Rouvy and more. Whether you are training to get an edge, or simply want to stay fit in the offseason and indoor cycling station can help. The KICKR Climb gives you a fun way to make that experience more realistic.

Is KICKR Climb Compatible With Zwift?

Undeniably the most popular cycling app on the market right now is Zwift. For good reason, too. Zwift is a fun interactive experience that pulls power numbers from your smart trainer and transfers them to a virtual rider. In that virtual environment you can ride with other members from around the world. When you climb a steep grade on Zwift your smart trainer increases the resistance automatically, and your KICKR Climb raises the front end of your bike. The KICKR Climb is compatible with Zwift as long as you have it properly paired with your smart trainer.

Once paired your smart trainer and Zwift will share information and automatically simulate actual riding conditions from the comfort of home. It really is an amazing time to be a cyclist. Advanced tech like the KICKR Climb and the rest of the Wahoo Ecosystem make staying fit on your bike a fun priority when bad weather strikes.

Sometimes users run into problems getting their KICKR Climb to work on Zwift even after confirming a successful pairing within the Wahoo App. If your Climb works, but not with Zwift make sure you first pair the Climb to your Smart Trainer, then pair your Smart Trainer to Zwift. Your Smart Trainer must also be chosen as a ‘controllable’ on the Zwift pairing screen.

How Much Does The KICKR Climb Weigh?

The Wahoo KICKR Climb weighs 16.975 lbs out of the box. The weight of his Wahoo Ecosystem accessory has never been something I’ve concerned myself with. The Climb has a weight limit of 250 lbs so heavier riders may want to dive a little deeper into their fitness journey before purchase.

Based on appearances alone the Climb made me nervous about it’s stability during high cadence intervals. After safely completing over 300 miles I am happy to report this is no longer a concern. The KICKR Climb is well-built. The bottom rolls as grade increases and decreases. It still feels sturdy even without a flat bottom.

How To Pair The Wahoo KICKR Climb

One of my favorite topics in this Wahoo KICKR Climb review is pairing with your KICKR Smart Trainer. This was such a point of frustration when I tried to pair mine the first time. I didn’t read the instructions first. If I had, I would have known to pair the Climb with the Smart Trainer before installing it on my bike.

If I would have followed the instructions it would have been much easier. The process of pairing itself is very simple if you don’t install the climb prematurely. You hold the middle button down until the blue pairing light begins to blink. Hold it next to the trainer and it will find the Bluetooth signal and pair automatically. Make sure your KICKR Smart Trainer is plugged in and on.

You can confirm a successful pairing in the Wahoo app. The KICKR Climb box will be blue in the Linked Sensors section after a successful pairing.

Wahoo KICKR Climb Review Problems

There are two common problems I hear about with the KICKR Climb. Both are completely preventable if you take the time to follow instructions during your initial setup. Make sure you have plenty of time when unboxing so you can install and pair without interruptions.

The first most common problem is incorrect installation. Adapters are included to fit multiple fork widths. Knowing your bike’s dimensions will make it easier to know which adapters you need to use at installation.

The second most common problem I’ve come across is pairing the KICKR Trainer to the KICKR Climb, then getting it to work with Zwift and other apps.

(Pro Tip: For Zwift users, your smart trainer must be chosen as a controllable device on the pairing screen like I mentioned previously. You also need to turn the lock off. The lock prevents apps with controllable permissions from moving your KICKR Climb. You press the pairing button in the middle quickly to switch back-and-forth between locked and unlocked modes.

Is The KICKR Climb Worth It?

The price tag for the KICKR Climb is steep at $600. For the average rider I don’t think the Climb provides enough benefit to justify the price tag. There is no performance advantage training with the Climb. Resistance is still controlled by your Smart Trainer.

If money is of no concern the Climb is a cool feature to have. Many of my cycling friends love to jump on for a test ride when they come over. Combined with the rest of the Wahoo Ecosystem the climb enhances your experience. It brings another element of outdoor cycling to an indoor trainer.

If you enjoyed this Wahoo KICKR Climb review and want to buy one you can do so through your local Wahoo dealer, or buy it direct from the Wahoo Fitness Website Here.

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