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Wahoo KICKR Desk Review

In this Wahoo KICKR Desk review I am going to cover why this is my favorite piece in the Wahoo Ecosystem. No other piece of cycling equipment is as versatile. It pairs amazingly well with the rest of the Wahoo Ecosystem, especially the KICKR Headwind.

I use it as a standing desk, a sit down desk, cycling desk and more! The KICKR Desk is not without flaws though. Wahoo really missed a huge opportunity and I hope to see updates in the future. Lets break it all down.

Best Indoor Cycling Desk

There is no doubt this is the best indoor cycling desk on the market right now. The KICKR Desk rolls incredibly smooth, and the integration with the headwind fan is an absolute game changer. The headwind sits over the front wheel allowing you to slide your desk in and out while keeping your fan airflow from becoming restricted.

I also love the surface material on the KICK Desk. It is soft yet firm at the same time. Things do not roll or slide around on the desk. The height adjustment levers are smooth and well thought out. They are in the perfect position to press while maintaining a firm hold in the desk.

Wahoo KICKR Desk Problems

There have been zero problems with the KICKR Desk these first few months. However, I do think Wahoo missed an opportunity for this desk. Maybe its because the price point is already somewhat steep for something so simple in concept, but adding an electric model would make this desk perfect.

It would be so simple to have the left button be down and the right button up and you simply plug the desk in to charge. By having a battery mounted onboard you could unplug the desk but maintain full functionality. Someone out there need to do this. The functionality is already in some traditional standing desks.

Is The Wahoo KICKR Desk Worth It?

Yes, this desk is absolutely worth the investment. The list of features feels endless. There are slots to stand your phone or iPad, including holes to run charging cords through. There are also cut outs in the corners for hanging a spare sweat rag or whatever else you want to run through it.

The wheels remind me of rollerblade wheels. They roll incredibly smooth over both hardwood floors and carpet. My local bike shop also had a KICKR Mat on display with the desk and it rolled great on that surface too.

Another great feature of this desk is the roller design on the base. It is low profile so I am able to drop the desk to the lowest setting and slide it under my TV stand to reduce the amount of space it takes up.

This Wahoo KICKR Desk review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t let you know where you can buy it. You can find the Wahoo KICKR Desk at most bike shops that also sell Wahoo Smart Trainers and other Wahoo products. If you aren’t near a bike shop then buy the KICKR Desk directly through Wahoo’s Website Here.

Wahoo KICKR Desk Alternatives

I understand the fact that a $250 price point makes this a luxury many people will pass on. That got me thinking about a cheaper alternative for someone who isn’t sure about indoor cycling and doesn’t want the large investment.

There are definitely knock off version out there for less money. They aren’t hard to find, but real reviews are. From what I’ve gathered, and what I know from personal experience, they don’t operate as well as the Wahoo KICKR Desk.

My last standing desk looked exactly like the Wahoo, but the height adjustment wasn’t made with the same precision. I was constantly messing with the adjustment trying to keep it level. With the KICKR Desk I set the height and forget about it.

Is A Bike Trainer Desk Important?

I’ve owned bike trainer desks of varying brands for several years and its the most important feature to indoor cycling. Someone once asked me what feature specifically makes the Wahoo KICKR Desk better than the cheaper alternatives. Without hesitation the answer is the roller system. Every other bike trainer desk I’ve used had caster wheels mounted under the frame of the desk. They are usually cheap and unreliable.

The Wahoo KICKR Desk uses a roller system that is like an inline skate. The wheels are recessed into the channel of the lower frame allowing a low profile and wheels that are always perfectly inline. That makes the roll of this desk incredibly smooth allowing you to position it perfectly every time.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Wahoo KICKR Desk review. If so, my review on the full Wahoo Ecosystem can be found here, along with reviews of the individual components:

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