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Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem Review: Ultimate Indoor Cycling Guide

This Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem Review will give you a high level overview of each component Wahoo makes in their indoor cycling lineup. For more in-depth reviews of each piece please see the links at the bottom.

Wahoo KICKR Trainers

First is the KICKR Smart Trainer or KICKR Bike. Obviously this is the most important part of the group because without it you can’t do your indoor cycling. I have the KICKR, but I have heard the KICKR Core is worth considering to save a few bucks.

The KICKR Snap is a rear wheel on trainer. I jumped on a demo they had setup at my local bike shop and it didn’t feel too much different from my current setup.

One one of the trainers in the Wahoo lineup will work great for someone looking to get their fitness rides in during the winter. The more you care about accuracy of metrics and realism to outdoor riding the farther up in price point you move.

Wahoo KICKR Desk

The second most important piece in this Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem review is the KICKR Desk. I place this second because it is the most versatile piece in the group. You can’t use your smart trainer as a coffee table, or a standing desk, or a TV tray. You can use your KICKR Desk for all of those things.

There have been many times where I sit on the couch and grab a quick bite to eat while working on my computer. The KICKR desk slides right into my lap thanks to the low profile roller system. The legs slide under the couch allowing me to multi-task.

I also love to raise the KICKR Desk to a standing desk when I am stuck in front of the computer all day. It helps keep me energized. There is enough room for my laptop, cell phone, wallet, keys and a drink.

If I had to come up with a complaint about my KICKR Desk it would be the width. The desk is not wide enough to fit around the handlebars on my fitness hybrid bike. It fits around my road bike handlebars with ease.

Wahoo KICKR Headwind

My favorite accessory in my bike-cave is the KICKR Headwind. This thing puts out directional airflow that feels like riding outdoors and keeps you cool when you crank it up. I am the type of person that always likes a fan on me so I use this at my desk while I’m working too.

The KICKR Headwind can be set manually, or tied to a speed sensor or hear rate monitor. When I am doing Zwift Workouts I always have it tied to my heart rate monitor. When I am simply riding on Zwift I prefer to have the fan synced to my speed.

The fan is incredibly powerful and the air is very directional. You can run the fan and feel like your outside in a windstorm while the person next to you doesn’t feel the breeze at all. The way the KICKR Headwind is so directional with airflow makes it one of the most valuable pieces in this Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem review.

KICKR Mat Review

The KICKR Mat is also a piece of the Wahoo Ecosystem worth mentioning. If you need a mat to eat up vibrations or to catch your sweat so it doesn’t get on the carpet then the KICKR Mat will do its job well. It is well built and durable to stand the test of time.

If you ever question the durability of these mats over say, a really thick yoga mat, just visit your local bike shops display. At my local shop there were at least two dozen people a day using the trainer display and the KICKR Mat looks spotless with a quick Swiffer at the end of the night.

Wahoo KICKR Climb: Ecosystem Overrated

Finally we have the KICKR Climb. While reviewing this at my local bike shop it is the piece I was most excited about. How awesome to be climbing a hill on Zwift and to have the front of my bike raise automatically. In concept it sounds amazing. In reality it is a luxury I can live without.

You can find all the products in Wahoo’s lineup here: Wahoo Fitness Website.

I am currently riding the latest version of Wahoo’s KICKR Smart Trainer. If future versions are released I will do my best to keep this post update, so check back often.

If you enjoyed this Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem review, please check out these in-depth reviews of the individual components:

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