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Wahoo KICKR Headwind Review | Bluetooth Smart Fan

wahoo kickr headwind review

One of my favorite things about cycling is feeling the wind in my face as I push my comfort limits descending down steep windy grade. While it’s not exactly the same as riding outdoors, in this Wahoo KICKR Headwind review I will explain why it is the next best thing.

If you read my Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem Review you already know I ranked the KICKR Desk as the #2 most important component because of its versatility. The KICKR Headwind is not far behind as its the one element of the Wahoo KICKR Ecosystem that brings an element of the outdoors to your indoor bike trainer. The best feature about the Headwind is how well it integrates with the KICKR Desk.

How Loud Is The Wahoo KICKR Headwind?

If you want a fan that is extremely quiet relative to the airflow it produces then the KICKR Headwind is for you. This fan is extremely quiet in the lower settings. In the higher airflow settings the fan is still quieter than a hair dryer, yet its pushing air out at a much faster rate.

Even when pumping airflow out the vortex fan at speeds exceeding 30 mph this fan is not that loud. In fact, I have attended many work conference calls in my garage while the fan is pushing full blast. It helped when I hung blankets on the wall of my garage to deaden the echoing noise. Now that my KICKR Ecosystem is setup in my basement the Headwind sounds even quieter.

Most of the negative reviews about the Headwind reference the noise made by the housing rattling. This is not an issue I have experienced after many months of use. It may have been a problem Wahoo corrected in newer models.

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Does the KICKR Headwind Work With Zwift?

If you love indoor cycling odds are you have ridden on Zwift. If you hate indoor cycling odds are you need to learn about Zwift. For those in the latter category, Zwift is a virtual riding environment. The fast answer to this question is, Yes, the KICKR Headwind works with Zwift playing.

You can turn your TV, tablet or telephone into a screen with an Avatar you create riding in a virtual environment of your choosing. Basically you can turn your indoor smart trainer into a first person cycling race or training platform.

The KICKR Headwind works seamlessly with Zwift assuming you have a heart rate monitor or speed sensor. Many high end indoor trainers have the speed sensor and power meter built in. The fan is not actually working with Zwift, but rather working based off your heart rate or speed from the trainer itself. The fan will produce air whether Zwift is playing or not.

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Is the Wahoo KICKR Headwind Worth It?

The Wahoo KICKR Headwind is a Bluetooth smart fan. Because of its smart capabilities it costs more than your average fan. Those features more than make up for the high price tag. The KICKR Headwind is also a really cool fan for anyone looking for directional air flow.

Being able to sync the KICKR Headwind to my heart rate monitor means I get more air as I work harder. I also love syncing it with a speed sensor and feeling a big rush of air from head to toe when I am carrying higher speeds. The KICKR Headwind’s ability to simulate outdoor riding is unmatched.

No Wahoo KICKR Headwind review would be complete without providing you information on where you can purchase this amazing smart fan. (Check Price of KICKR Headwind on Amazon Here.)

KICKR Headwind vs Normal Fan

I know many serious cyclists that use normal fans with their indoor cycling setups. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to step up the level of realism, and for many the level of enjoyment too, the KICKR Headwind outperforms a normal fan every time.

The way air comes out of the Headwind is very targeted. Somehow the engineers at Wahoo have been able to mimic outdoor riding airflow when hooked to a speed sensor. When synced to your heart rate monitor the air hits your body perfectly to keep every inch cool from head to toe.

My review on the full Wahoo Ecosystem can be found here, along with reviews of the individual components:

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