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What Is The Best Bike Multi Tool?

What Is The Best Bike Multi Tool?

There are a lot of bike accessory manufacturers out there. Knowing what is the best bike multi tool for your bike is overwhelming thanks to all these options. In this Best Multi-Tool Guide I will break down what you need from your multitool. Specifically, the best multi tool when mountain biking, and best multi tool for the road.

Because every cycling discipline is so different, what you need varies dramatically. In addition to the obvious, like weight of the multi tool for road cyclists, this guide dives into other key features specific to each riding discipline.

Best Multitool For Mountain Bikers

The most likely problem a mountain biker will face on the trails is a flat tire. This is why I carry a multitool that fixes flats with bacon strips (tire plugs). In addition to flats, another common issue on the trail is with chains. Having a chain breaker on my multi tool is a must. I’ve had to shorten my chain twice on the trail. Thanks to the chain breaker on my multitool I’ve been able to ride out.

You need a tool that can do more than fix a flat or chain. A mountain biker’s multitool needs Allen / Hex keys so you can tighten stem caps, adjust handlebars and remove pedals. All of these features will help with parking lot maintenance items that arise. It never fails, when I get to the trailhead something needs a last minute adjustment.

Best Multi-Tool For Road Cyclists

I briefly cover multitools for road cyclists in my Common Mechanical Problems When Cycling Guide. In that guide I specifically mention the Crankbrothers M19 as being a great multitool. It’s one with a lot of features which can be handy for gravel cyclists and mountain bikers. That being said, for road cyclists its all about weight on the bike. That means the best multi-tool for road cyclists is a light one like the Bontrager Comp Multi-Tool.

The Bontrager Comp Multi-Tool weighs in at just 135 grams. Another popular lightweight multi tool is the ToPeak Mini PT30 which weighs 163 grams. Compared to those two the Crankbrothers M19 seems excessively heavy at 175 grams. For the more sensible cyclists out there, you may find the additional features of the M19 make it worth it’s weight on the bike.

Aside from weight, being able to adjust saddle height and handlebars is a must. That means your road bike multi tool will need the correct sizes of Allen or hex keys. Being able to remove pedals for easy and safe transportation is also important. I cover why it’s so important in this Hitch Bike Rack Guide.

Best Bike Multi Tool For Home Maintenance

The best multi tool for home maintenance is the tool with the most features. I want to true my wheel, remove valve cores, break chains and make adjustments with a single tool. There are times when I don’t want to drag all my tools out to complete certain tasks. When those times arise I know I have a single tool that can complete any task. When I am completing major maintenance on my bikes I get the tools out and set aside proper time. For those time crunch moments a good multi tool does the trick.

For me there is no debate, the best value bike multi-tool is the Pro Bike Tool 20 In 1 Multitool. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here). This tool has a chain breaker and spoke wrenches. It has all the common sizes of Allen/Hex keys and even a valve core tool. There is nothing this bike multi tool can’t do.

If you have a favorite multi-tool you use, let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for cool multi tools to test out. I’ve had to replace a lot of multi tools due to losing them while riding because I forgot to zip the saddle bag closed. Some might say I’ve even been known to misplace them at home. I also give them away to other cyclists in need out on the trails from time to time.

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