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What Is The Best Bike Phone Mount?

what is the best bike phone mount

While I still prefer my cycling computer, from time to time having my cell phone mounted on my handlebars is convenient. I do a lot of mountain biking, gravel riding, and a fair amount of road. Figuring out what is the best bike phone mount took quite a lot of trial and error.

The best bike phone mount will allow you to use your phone while it is mounted. The straps that wrap across the middle of the phone make it unusable. Having a mount that requires a special phone case is also out of the question. Quad Lock makes an amazing product, but my phone case is perfect already and I am unwilling to change it.

Another important factor is how and where the phone holder can mount to the bike. There are options that allow you to replace spacers on your headset with a ring fabricated to a phone mount. Tension around the handlebars is the most popular option.

Best Bike Phone Mount

best bike phone mount
Nite Ize Wraptor Phone Mount

The best bike phone mount I’ve ever used is the Nite Ize Wraptor. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here) The silicone is high grade which makes it extremely strong. I have a very large cell phone and it holds it securely. This is not the first phone mount I’ve use with this silicone wrap around style, but it is the first where the silicone hasn’t cracked or broken after minimal sun exposure.

The Wraptor also rotates 360 degrees. This means you can watch full screen videos from your indoor smart trainer (Read: Wahoo KICKR Review) by angling your phone into landscape mode. It has come in handy when I use my cell phone to record on Zwift, also.

Finally, I have to give another shout out to the Wraptor for how securely it holds my phone. I use this phone holder while mountain biking. I’ve taken many spills on the trails. The closest I have come to the Wraptor dropping my phone is one of the corners sliding off during an accident. I was skeptical, but after thousands of miles, and dozens of accidents, the Wraptor hasn’t failed me yet.

The best part, with the universal mounting strap you have tons of options for mounting locations on your bike. The Wraptor is the best phone holder for bikes. I’ve mounted mine to both the handlebars and the stem. It’s a durable rubber like strap that is completely safe for your bike, even carbon handlebars. Obviously, use common sense when both tightening the mounting strap and choosing a location.

Which Phone Holder Is Best For Road Bikes?

Lamicall Phone Holder For Bikes

If you do not like soft phone holders then the Lamicall Phone Holder (Check Price on Amazon Here) is the best phone holder for your bike. It has a solid and durable construction, but also a clamping style that fits a wide variety of phone sizes. It has silicone pads that provide shock absorption making it safe for scooters, too.

Lamicall specializes in various types of phone holders and stands. Their products come with a 30-Day No Questions Money Back Guarantee. They also come with a 3-year quality warranty. Lamicall sets the standard in phone holder ergonomics.

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