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What To Wear When Road Biking

what to wear when road biking

Weather has the biggest impact on what to wear when road biking. However, there are a few things that never change – regardless of the weather. First, road cyclists wear tighter fitting jerseys, shorts, jackets, literally all apparel in all riding conditions should be form fitting. This provides an aerodynamic advantage over loose fit clothing.

All road cyclists should wear a chamois in all weather conditions, too. There are thermal bib pants with chamois for cold weather riding, and any good cycling shorts will also have a chamois sewn in. If you aren’t familiar, the chamois is a padded area sewn into your shorts or pants. It provides added comfort for long rides on a hard saddle.

what to wear when road cycling chamois
Cycling Short Chamois

The most important item road cyclists wear in all weather conditions is cycling shoes. Road bike shoes have a three hole triangle pattern on the bottom of the shoes. That three hole pattern makes the shoe compatible with SPD-SL, Delta and KEO cleats.

What To Wear Road Biking in Summer

Weather during summer is different all over the world. The majority of the population will see warmer temperatures, but some climates are very dry, while others are wet. Road cyclists need to pay attention to the weather, and prepare for the worst. In dry climates that means plenty of sun screen, high visibility clothing with good ventilation, and moisture wicking material. Make sure you have a windbreaker to keep you warm on those cooler summer evening rides.

A good jacket is an essential part of a road cyclists apparel kit in wet climates, too. For less than $50 you can get a high visibility jacket that is both windbreaker and waterproof. The Hugut Cycling Jacket (Check Current Price on Amazon Here) comes in multiple colors, but science has proven fluorescent yellow gives cyclists the best visibility.

A lightweight, waterproof overpant is highly recommended. A good pair with a built in chamois is going to be expensive. Try riding with your normal cycling shorts and a waterproof overpant like the FitsT4 on Amazon. Any waterproof pant will work as long as it isn’t baggy around your ankles. Baggy pants and bike drivetrains don’t mix.

What To Wear Road Biking in Winter

If you are biking in the cold be sure to read How To Make Winter Cycling More Fun. It includes information on putting together your winter riding apparel kit. To summarize, a thermal pant and jacket are must have items. Merino wool socks will also enhance your riding experience. Keeping your feet warm is one of the most beneficial things a cyclist can do when riding in the cold.

One other area worth an upgrade during winter is your road bike’s tires. If you ever come across slick trails and roads then studded tires on your bike will give you added traction and confidence. There are plenty of options starting at 700 x 30c in size. Double check your bike’s maximum tire size before ordering your new set.

Best Place To Buy Cycling Apparel Online

There are a lot of cycling apparel brands selling jerseys, shorts and other apparel on Amazon. When it comes to apparel buying direct from the manufacturer is also an option. Every brand will fit a little different, so finding the brand of cycling apparel that fits your body type needs to be your first step.

Once you have a brand that fits your body type it is easy to shop online, but I’d recommend visiting a local bike shop. The employees may not be able to add any value to your experience, but supporting local bike shops is important. Without a local bike shop your other cycling related purchases, like a new bike, will not be as fun.

One of the biggest brands in cycling apparel is Pearl iZUMi. Pearl owns a large market share because its clothes fit a large majority of body types, it is competitively priced, and it is unmatched in quality. Check out the Pearl iZUMi Amazon Store Here.

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